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ISH Exhibition Frankfurt


The world’s leading trade fair for Air-conditioning Technology.

REVEN together with SCHAKO Group is going to attend ISH. See our unique range of air cleaning products and the ventilation products of the whole SCHAKO Group at the next ISH in Frankfurt from 14 to 18 March 2017! Our joint stand has the number 11.1 B41. 

News on our exhibition booth:

– A model of the new updated and worldwide patented induction system for commercial kitchens.

– The new Speed Control system for machine tools and commercial kitchen ventilation.

– New models of duct separators for centralized industrial air cleaning and commercial kitchens.

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Rentschler Reven’s Opinion and Comments on HKI Press Releases


Rentschler REVEN GmbH gives its opinion on a press releases published by the HKI association The German Industrial Association of House, Heating and Kitchen Technology HKI is an organisation of manufacturers of commercial kitchen equipment.

The HKI Industrial Association has published a press information with the German title “Heiße Luft in der Großküche auf Abwegen?!“ (Hot air flowing astray in commercial kitchens) on 30 January. The publication deals with the handling of hot air and pollutants in kitchen extraction systems. The private limited company Rentschler REVEN GmbH gives the following statement on this press article: Revens-opinion-on-HKI

Induction technology in the cci HVAC magazine – Article in the cci magazine on flow-optimised induction technology: REVEN – Induction cci Magazine.pdf

For further info concerning the new induction technology please also visit: REVEN_induction_page

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The new demand controlled Speed Control ventilation system

xsc_rsc_enThe new demand controlled Speed Control ventilation system for machine tools and commercial kitchens

Learn with the new REVEN explainer videos, how to save thousands of US$ with your oil mist separators or your commercial kitchen ventilation thanks to the new Speed Control:

Speed Control a SCHAKO Group Development

Development of REVEN induction technology – patent published


The new and further updated REVEN induction system (push pull system) for capture hoods and ventilated ceilings

Last week the further developed and improved REVEN induction technology for extraction hoods was confirmed and published without opposition as a new patent from the European and the US American patent office. In most industrial sectors a continuous development of products and technical solutions is an absolute prerequisite. Unfortunately, the commercial kitchen ventilation is a special case because, in that branch a replacement of traditional fluorescent light tubes to LED tubes is celebrated as innovative milestones in that industry. The drive for innovation is minimal and even organizations in that industries, such as HKI are no support, quite the opposite in terms of innovation. In a recent press release of the HKI is the following published: “…The assertion that the induction process is a new process is not correct, because it is already implemented for decades in Germany and has long been in kitchens …“

Sure properly, the induction system is not a new system, very well but a system that has been studied extensively and with the help of latest technologies such as the CFD analysis (computational fluid dynamics) and Aerosol particle analyzer it have been improved heavily. That very similar and intensive efforts have been made to improve the technology significantly, just as it is in the automotive industry for over 100 years usage, with correspondingly extremely impressive results and technologies, please refer to the attached picture!

Sure such analyses takes time, something devours considerable sums in research and development, but then also leads to serious improvements! In a report of the North German Agricultural Advisory in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern the further developed by Reven induction technology was certify that:

“By blowing in untempered air at lower ambient temperatures, the dew point in the mixed air area is achieved and condensation occurs. Condensation always means binding of odorants from the air, as an olfactometry analyze of the exhaust air in the sample bag proved.”

Enjoying these positive characteristics of such an advanced induction technology is only possible if the entire system „capture hood“ is really understood and explored, from the aerosol separator, through to thermal and induction air flow. Other manufacturers in this field, make just use of a simple thermal imaging, then call this CFD analysis and derive results from pseudo-scientific nature. This may then be like their products a cost effective solution and approach, a real leap in technology is something like this not and certainly for such a system the HKI press release would fit perfectly because such an approach and system is nothing new at all.

For detailed information on our new REVEN induction technology, visit

The REVEN – SCHAKO noise protection product range


Noise protection and cancellation for the industry and commercial kitchens

Sound-absorbing and flame-arresting metal ceilings for manufacturing & food industries & for commercial kitchens. Find out more here: 

SCHAKO Membrane Absorber MAK for sound dampening of low-frequency sounds in ventilation systems with high oil and liquid aerosol contain in the exhaust air. Technical data you find under