An English expert interview with the REVEN air cleaning correspondent and the French Cook Chef Monsieur R. R. Bocuse


Cheap kitchen hoods are capturing and vacuuming kitchen steam, but they aren´t filtering and separating it!

Monsieur Bocuse thanks for the interview, many people and associations are announcing that in the end of 2016 the new European kitchen ventilation standard will become effective, what will be new? What will be changed?

Monsieur R. R. Bocuse: From now on kitchen hoods have to fulfil their real job and capture hoods can not be any longer just cheap simple stainless steel boxes!

What do you mean with that?

Monsieur R. R. Bocuse: Ok let´s see and can I ask you by a question back! For what I am cooking? Of course I am cooking for my guests, to celebrate a culinary delight! So and for what do I install a ventilated hood in my kitchen? Just to capture and vacuum all of the cooking steam and blow it into the duct system and environment? 

Ok but where else should a kitchen hood blow all of the kitchen exhausts?

Monsieur R. R. Bocuse: Well the answer to that is quite simple, everything should remain there where it belongs to! My cooking utensils also remains in the kitchen and does not end up on the dining table of my guests. Same it should work for kitchen hoods! All kitchen exhausts captured and vacuumed from the hood have to be filtered and separated and not just blown into the duct or into the environment! 

But all kitchen hoods and the filters used in these hoods are claimed to have 100% filtration- and separation performance?

Monsieur R. R. Bocuse: There is the same amount of kitchen hoods with real 100% filtration performance worldwide available, like there are real three star rated Michelin Chef´s! 

Hmmm quite an interesting statement! But is the real filtration performance of kitchen hoods never tested in a real kitchen under real function?

Monsieur R. R. Bocuse: There are sometimes tests and measurements for the exhaust air volume, what is equal with the vacuum performance, but there are never tests and measurements for the real filtration performance! 

How is that possible? So the filtration performance of large scale kitchen hoods is never tested in commercial kitchens?

Monsieur R. R. Bocuse: Yes indeed it is like this. The low cost manufacturers just try to purchase the most cheapest filters and separators on the market, put them into their stainless steel box and then call this a kitchen hood and this is it! They do not know the real existing filtration performance and they never get tested for it. That would be the same like the Michelin committee would just check my kitchen year by year if I prepare my meals with enough heat and then rate me again with three stars!

But why does not kitchen ventilation manufacturer measure the filtration performance of their hoods in kitchens?

Monsieur R. R. Bocuse: Because they don´t have the measure equipment. They are manufacturer of air cleaning devices but they don´t have the equipment to test the air filtration performance of their equipment. 

Well quite surprising, if I get you right that would be the same like you as a chef with a Michelin rated kitchen would not have any cooking pot?

Monsieur R. R. Bocuse: Yes exactement!!!!! No cooking pots, no testing but super cheap and for that getting year by year the three star rating……

Come on that is nonsense! How can something like this work?

Monsieur R. R. Bocuse: That´s the point, it does not work and therefore comes now the new EN 16282 standard, read here in English REVEN_EN_16282_EN.pdf or here for my French Chef collogues in French REVEN_EN_16282_FR.pdf  

Monsieur Bocuse many thanks for this interesting interview! The questions were asked by REVEN air cleaning correspondence Prof. Dr. Smart. From him is also the famous movie „REVEN induction“ nominated in 2014 for the Oscar 😉

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Watch out, kitchen designers!!!

The European standard EN 16282 (Equipment forcommercial kitchens – Components of ventilation for commercialkitchens) will become the new holy book for designers of large-scale kitchens.


The provisions of EN 16282 involve a high risk for you!

An information campaign to keep you out of trouble….

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Diesel emission scandal also in commercial kitchen ventilation and manufacturing industries!


It looks like that a couple car manufactures have cheated on the measurements on their emission values. In commercial kitchen ventilation and in machine tool industries it is common practice not to do any measurements at all.

Ventilation engineers have frequently the problem, that efficiency values in specifications are not measured and validated in the field at all, after the ventilation systems are set up and put into operation. Even more worse makes this fact, that there are more and more low cost manufactures in the market, installing kitchen ventilation systems or air cleaner for machinery centers, not even having any kind of measurement devices (e.g. aerosol particle counters) to measure the separation efficiency of a commercial kitchen ventilation capture hood.

Also because of that, the new EN 16282 European standard, which will become effective shortly, claims in future the following: „The ventilation system shall be capable of separating odours, particles of fat and gaseous products from the exhaust air.“ 

This new EN 16282 standard will become effective in the following countries:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and United Kingdom.

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