RSC – REVEN® Speed Control – Computer controlled management of the supply- and exhaust air in commercial kitchens

RSC – REVEN® Speed Control – Computer controlled management of the supply- and exhaust air in commercial kitchens.

To improve the economic efficiency of ventilation systems in commercial kitchens, Rentschler REVEN offer the intelligent automatic control system RSC – REVEN® Speed Control. The system adjusts the speed of the air supply and exhaust fans continuously to the cooking activities, as required by the innovative Industry 4.0 concept.

The temperature and humidity sensors are designed for operation in commercial kitchens and can detect the cooking activity. The controller increases or decreases the air supply and extraction in accordance with the requirements. At the same time, the required air volumes are distributed over the respective cooking zones via air dampers. The sensor-driven control allows a reduction of energy consumption costs of up to 50 % and extends the service life of the air cleaners fitted downstream. Moreover, draught is avoided. The following pictures shows a RSC – REVEN® Speed Control system during the installation into a large scale commercial kitchen ventilation. Further information is also available under

Smart oil mist separators

A new REVEN & REITEC development makes finally oil mist separators smart and can finally really start communicate with machinery centres and machine tool operators! More in our YouTube channel @

What is the real value of a commercial kitchen ventilation?

Most know Oscar Wilde´s quote “Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” That quote fits also quite well to the situation in the commercial kitchen ventilation. So question: „What’s the real value of a commercial kitchen ventilation?“ To give an idea about that question and topic please check our new explainer video:

With the new REVEN configurator you can create your kitchen hood and air cleaner online!

With the new REVEN configurator you can create your kitchen hood and air cleaner online by your own!

You can configure your kitchen hood or industrial air purifier in peace without any obligation, comfortably and easily – we take care of the rest! After completing your configuration, you will receive all 3D CAD data, all BIM data and a non-binding offer at the touch of a button. Everything online, comfortable and without any obligation! Use this worldwide unique online tool in the field of kitchen ventilation and industrial air cleaning!

Access and registration for the REVEN air cleaner configurator at:

Images of the REVEN kitchen ventilation of the Europa headquarters of HUAWEI

In the brand-new European service center and HUAWEI headquarters, the company’s own canteen features a state-of-the-art REVEN kitchen ventilation system from REVEN. The following pictures are from the commissioning from the past week. More reference pictures can be found at:

REVEN reached the finals of the Grand Prix for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

REVEN reached the finals of the Grand Prix for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Rentschler REVEN GmbH is among the 93 companies nominated for the Grand Prix for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises “Großer Preis des Mittelstandes“. All in all 4,917 enterprises were nominated in the 16 federal states of Germany for the 24th MSE Award in 2018. No other economy award receives such interest and continuous attention in Germany. The Leipzig-based Oskar-Patzelt Foundation has been offering this prize every year since 1994. Among the 4,917 nominated enterprises, Rentschler REVEN GmbH has succeeded in being listed in the so-called jury list, which means that it is among the first 93 enterprises in Baden-Württemberg. On Saturday the 15 September, the winners will be announced by the twelve regional juries in the course of an evening event.

More @

REVEN BIM TOOL & Configurator

REVEN BIM TOOL & Configurator now online under – Support available under

A quick video tour for the new configurator you find here

UV-C Systems for clean and dry kitchen ventilation exhaust ducts = fake news!

There is no doubt, you can use UV-C or better UV light tubes to reduce odors in kitchen exhaust systems. To keep the exhaust duct line and the air handling unit dry and clean UV or UV-C light tubes are not needed.

Kitchen hood with UV light – picture made without kitchen filters

Did you knew that an intensive UV light, used inside commercial ventilated kitchen hoods, that such a light emits a radiation which can be similar harmful like X-rays? Did you ever told that your people working in commercial kitchens under such kitchen hoods? The only thing which are really told about such systems is marketing propaganda like „it can vaporize and crack oil and grease to white ashes and water…“ such fake news and similar nonsense is told people about UV and UV-C systems for commercial kitchens, instead of telling people what such systems really are: A system which emits very intensive radiation, which is intensive enough to transform oxygen to ozone and to harm human cells badly.

To keep an exhaust duct and an air handling unit of a commercial kitchen clean and dry you just need a real aerosol separator. A real separator not a simple baffle type „kitchen filter“. Real separators have a cyclonic airflow which is developed and validated under CFD systems.

Aerosol separator with Cyclonic airflow

Simple baffle type „kitchen filters“ have no cyclonic airflow, are just cheap and simple and their real separation efficiency is just fake news, because these type of kitchen filter don’t have any real efficiency!

Simple baffle type kitchen filter

How a real aerosol separation system is build up, developed and with what equipment the particle separation performance can be measured and validated you can read here:

Clean and dry exhaust ducts thanks to patented X-CYCLONE separators

Central extractors for the food industry and commercial kitchens

Central extractors for the food industry and commercial kitchens

Kitchen exhaust air must be free from grease – Kitchen exhaust must be free from pollutants, and condensation in the exhaust duct must be avoided. That is what the new standard DIN EN 16282 (Equipment for commercial kitchens – Components for ventilation in commercial kitchens) requires. Compliance with these requirements cannot be achieved with conventional grease filters, however, because they let fine residual particles escape into the exhaust system. These particles may increase the risk of fire severely when accumulating in the exhaust duct and cause odour nuisance in the area.

In response to the stipulations of the new European standard, the ventilation sector developed highly efficient grease separators based on the cyclone principle. The Swabian manufacturer of air-purifying equipment Rentschler REVEN explains the difference to conventional filters as follows: Our X-CYCLONE® separators eject grease particles by repeatedly deflecting the air flow and, in doing so, clean themselves automatically. In contrast to separators, traditional filters collect and store grease. With increasing saturation, greasy aerosols seep into the exhaust duct.

A duct-mounted separator captures any grease residues that escape into the exhaust ductwork. It is particularly recommended for kitchens with many deep fryers where much grease is used in cooking, like in Asian restaurants or in system catering. It is also highly recommended for shopping malls, where often a dozen and more extractor hoods are connected to a single exhaust duct line.

An example:

In Bettembourg, a town in Luxembourg, the Cactus Group runs a shopping mall with a super market. Several extractor hoods are installed in the fast food and restaurant area. The exhaust air is collected in a manifold duct and flows to the heat reclaimer of the air-handling unit. This configuration is susceptible to grease deposits on the heat exchanger and the fans. Following the suggestions of SCHAKO, the REVEN agency in Luxembourg, the HVAC contractor AIO (All in One Technologies) installed a duct-mounted separator in the exhaust ductwork. It is designed for an airflow rate of 5.000 m3/h and fitted with X-CYCLONE® grease separators. An automatic washing system cleans periodically the separator on both sides as well as the exhaust air plenum. When inspecting the system one year after commissioning, the inspecting personnel were surprised by the cleanliness of the outgoing air duct and the central air-handling unit. The configuration prevents grease deposits on the equipment downstream of the separator and improves fire protection in addition.

Further information and technical data on central extractors and sewer separators can be found here:

Fundamentals of DIN EN 16282: Ventilation systems are to be installed in such a manner that foreign airborne particles and humidity are evacuated.The ventilation system must be able to separate odorous matter, grease particles and gaseous substances from the exhaust air.If the exhaust air is in direct contact with building structures, it must be made sure that any negative effects on the structures are avoided and that condensation effects do not occur permanently or regularly.

#DeleteFacebook REVEN leaves Facebook

#DeleteFacebook REVEN leaves Facebook

🙂 We like clean air in nature!

🙂 We like clean indoor air!

🙂 We like a healthy work environment!

🙁 We don’t like fake news!

🙁 We don’t like the manipulation by social media!

That’s why from now on we focus on our core competence, the cleaning of the air and say goodbye to Facebook in March 2018!  

REVEN GmbH – Pure competence in air.

Air-cleaning solution for the textile industry

The ultimate air-cleaning solution for the textile industry

The X-CYCLONE® RKMR-TX is a further development of Rentschler REVEN for the textile industry. The air cleaner, which is suitable for installation in the ductwork, removes pollutant particles originating from adhesives, lacquers, fibres, paraffin and silicone from the exhaust air.

Your contact persons for all sales areas: Gerd Manthey & Vitali Lai

A new PDF flyer can be downloaded here: flyer_textile_industry_air_cleaner

The first systems have already been operating successfully for several months, for example at – please refer to the following pic.

Air Cleaner textbook

An interesting air cleaner textbook from the Technical University of Berlin in the field of manufacturing technology, can be found under the following link:


New REVEN instruction and maintenance manual for all air cleaner food industry

New REVEN instruction and maintenance manual for all air cleaner food industry

From now on we have an updated REVEN user manual for download, for all products from the food industry and commercial kitchen ventilation. The PDF can be found here:

From now on you will find the following information on all our products as follows:

X-CYCLONE Mini the world’s first metal aerosol separators manufactured with 3D printing!

X-CYCLONE Mini Separator made with 3D printing.  

REVEN GmbH published the first pictures of their new X-CYCLONE Mini Separator in March 2018. After two years of development, REVEN GmbH can introduce a separator with the following innovations:

1.) The separator will now be produced in plastic as well as in metal, in 3D printing.

2.) The separator could be reduced to the previous system in all three dimensions by 50%, so that the separator currently comes only to a thickness of 22mm.

3.) Thanks to intensive analysis and development by CFD systems, it has been possible to increase the efficiency of the separation in the PM5 aerosol size range by about 20%, with the same pressure loss.

The attached pictures show the first X-CYCLONE mini separators in the dimension 200x200x22mm, produced in 3D printing, in aluminum, stainless steel as well as plastic.


REVEN photo books

REVEN photo books with current references.

Order our new REVEN photo books in a handy format 14x13cm on glossy paper. A simple email to is enough and we will send you some copies of our Selection Food and Selection Industry.

The real performance of kitchen hoods and oil mist separators can be measured exactly!

The real performance of kitchen hoods and oil mist separators can be measured exactly!

Although you may be told many other things, the true performance of kitchen hoods and oil mist separators can be measured very accurately! How it works? With the right equipment and this is not only measuring instruments for the amount of air, but measuring devices that can measure the air purity, because this is indeed the actual task of kitchen hoods and oil mist separator, to clean the air!

For this purpose, it is important to analyze how well a kitchen hood or an oil mist separator cleans the air of small oily aerosols and vapors! Not quite as easy to measure, as you see it on the enclosed picture 😉 and not quite as easy as you often believe it to be, for example by measuring only exhaust air volumes. No, that works also very detailed, particle size for particle size, up to vaporous molecules! How this works in detail and with which measuring instruments you can read here:

REVEN Air Cleaner measuring devices – Pure competence in air.




15. May intertool Wien

28. May BIEMH Bilbao

18. September AMB Stuttgart

The REVEN GmbH is nominated for the big price of outstanding medium-sized companies

The REVEN GmbH is nominated for the big price of outstanding medium-sized companies 

In 2018, 809 outstanding medium-sized companies and personalities from the Baden-Württemberg region were nominated to participate in the “Großer Preis des Mittelstandes”. The rule is: nobody can apply for this competition. You have to be nominated by a third party. The REVEN GmbH is one of the nominated companies – the complete nomination list can be found here: 

Design requirements for LED lighting in commercial kitchens

Design requirements for LED lighting in commercial kitchens

Integrated lighting in kitchen ventilation systems must be designed in accordance with EN 16282 Part 2. In EN 16282 Part 2 it is noted in 5.9 that the lighting requirements must also comply with EN 12464. Thus, in this European standard EN 12464 it is repeatedly pointed out that the lighting must be designed to be controllable. This means that both a reasonable light management and a lighting design according to these European standards has to be done.

What such a modern LED lighting in commercial kitchens can look like, you can see in the shown pictures of article. All lights are designed with modern REVEN LEDs!

REVEN PROTECT for modern fire protection in commercial kitchens

REVEN PROTECT for modern fire protection in commercial kitchens Explanation videos for the REVEN PROTECT fire extinguishing systems can be found here