New REVEN® X-CYCLONE® Profile available in 2011

The 5th generation of the REVEN X-CYCLONE® profile – a new arrow profile for a healthy environment and improved working conditions!


The X-CYCLONE® filters manufactured by Rentschler REVEN GmbH are the fruit of persistent research throughout the previous decades. The X-CYCLONE® filters consist of rectangular elements with a thickness of 50 mm. They have proven their worth millions of times as air cleaning equipment in the mechanical sector and in the food industry. The X-CYCLONE® filter elements distinguish themselves considerably from traditional aluminium mesh or metal sheet filters because their development has been based on a scientific flow analysis and sound particle measurements and analyses. Only because of these research efforts, we were able to continuously optimise the separating performance of our X-CYCLONE® filters and will launch the fifth product generation in 2011 – the new REVEN® X-CYCLONE® Arrow Profile.

In the second quarter of 2011, the new and improved X-CYCLONE® arrow profile will replace the current ‘golf ball profile’. With this new development, Rentschler REVEN GmbH took another quantum leap by applying the most recent flow-analysis methods. The new REVEN® X-CYCLONE® arrow profile was developed on state-of-the-art main frames on the basis of the current golf ball profile.

The innovative result is distinguished by an improvement of the separating efficiency by up to 20 % and considerable reduction of the airflow noise emission. The drainage of the separated particles and liquids from the filter was considerably improved. The new arrow profile will be available from the second quarter of 2011 and replace by then the current golf ball profile.

Since we are facing considerable problems with competitors that try to copy our golf ball profile, we will not publish the new arrow profile in public files and documents. Our distribution partners will receive samples in due time, but we ask them already by now not to show the new profile in files and documents. We will be pleased to demonstrate the efficiency of our new profile to our customers in our laboratory using a test stand fitted with a particle analysis system. This system works on the basis of scattered light signals and a special transmission aperture system and can therefore accurately count and analyse the particles even in extremely polluted exhaust air.

As previous versions of the X-CYCLONE®, the new arrow profile was granted an international and worldwide valid PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) patent thanks to our flow research efforts.

The new X-CYCLONE® filter will be available in stainless steel and aluminium by the mid of 2011.

REVEN New Arrow Profile.pdf