Smoking can kill……. Polluted air in kitchens, hotels, restaurants, offices, private homes and also in industrial facilities!

uhcUltra Cleaner UC-OH2

  • Children need fresh air as much as healthy food. Air pollution by fungi spores, hazardous fine dust, pollen and allergens also lurks at home.
  • The purity of the ambient air is a decisive factor for the quality of life of asthmatics and many people suffering from other allergies. Airborne allergens, such as pollen, mildew spores, pet hair and dust mites can seriously affect air quality, particularly for people suffering from allergies.
  • Office employees need clean and fresh air. In particular cases, the operation of a laser printer in an office can produce a particle concentration in the room air as high as that caused by smoking. Scientists found out that the pollution of the air in an office building (under a smoking ban) during worktime is up to five times higher than that of the outside air next to a very busy road.
  • Guests in restaurants and hotels feel more comfortable in clean air. Tobacco smoke, fine dust, odorous matter and kitchen fumes cause heavy air pollution.
  • The REVEN AIR CLEANER UC-OH2 is one of the world’s most efficient air cleaners and can handle such pollution loads in living and working rooms. Rentschler REVEN´s 105 years of experience in air cleaning are the basis of the AIR CLEANER UC-OH2.
  • We won’t leave you in the fog! Decide for our clean solution – AIR CLEANER UC-OH2.
  • Technical data:
    –>  Contemporary stainless steel design made in Germany
    –>  Sizes: Height: 650mm  Width: 400mm  Depth: 450mm
    –>  Weight: 30kg
    –>  Electrical data: 110V 60Hz  220V 50Hz  10W to 160W
    –>  Air volume: adjustable from 0m³/h to 500m³/h
    –>  Noise level: from 0dB(A) to 50dB(A)
    –>  Total filter efficiency: >99,97% for particles >0,3microns
    –>  Filter stages:
    1) F9 EUREVEN® washable pre filter
    2) Granular gas filter*  (Option)
    3) HEPA® H13 high performance particle filter

Now available with a test report from  BAYER® AG Germany.

BAYER UCO-H2 Test report.pdf

UC-OH2 Flyer.pdf