New directive for fans

New EC Directive on environmentally sound design for fans.


Dear distribution partners,
dear customers and partners,

The information and explanatory notes concerning the new Directive 2009/125/EC of the EU Commission on eco design requirements for fans driven by motors with a power demand between 125 W and 500 kW has caused such a major stir that we can hardly cope with all the questions and e-mail enquiries we are receiving from our customers on this topic.

Unfortunately, a lot of half-truths and misinformation is circulating on the market and are confusing users and customers!

Some examples of this misinformation:

1. It is NOT true that this new regulation is only relevant to manufacturers with an annual production output above a particular limit!
2. It is NOT true that this new regulation does not apply to  compact centrifugal air cleaners!
It is NOT true that this new regulation does not apply to spare parts for older existing systems.
4. It is NOT true that this regulation applies only to the motor of an  air-cleaning system and not to the fan impeller!

Of course, we are proud in some respect that we have become some sort of nationwide centre of information on this topic. However, it becomes more and more difficult to cope with the overwhelming flood of questions concerning the new regulation.

Therefore, we have ordered the official journal of this eco-design directive at the European Commission in charge directly reporting to the President José  Manuel Barroso. You can find a PFD of this journal on our home page in the “News” section. We have meticulously worked through this directive and highlighted the most important passages. You will find answers to all your questions. Moreover, it specifies the  obligatory properties and the criteria to be observed.

You will also find answers to the four items listed above:

Concerning item 1.)  On page 3 of the Directive, article 1 “Subject matter and scope”, the fan types that will have to comply to the directive in the future are specified. It is the only passage that handles these limitations.

Concerning item 2.) Article 1 gives a clear definition of the scope of application of the new directive, whereas article 2 on the same page defines distinctly the term “fan”.   “Fan means a rotary bladed machine that is used to maintain a continuous flow of gas, typically air, passing through it…… Impeller means the part of the fan that is imparting energy into the gas flow and is also known as the fan wheel.”   The text points  unambiguously out that the regulation applies to fans as a whole unit, consisting of the motor and the impeller. Everything else that is uttered and maintained is not part of this directive.

Concerning item 3.) Article 1 stipulates: “The regulation shall not apply for fans placed on the market before 1st January 2015 as a replacement of identical fans integrated in products which were placed on the market before January 2013…”  This means that non compliant fans may only be delivered as spare parts until 1st  January 2015!

Concerning item 4.) The answer is similar to item 2. It is obvious that this regulation also applies to compact centrifugal air cleaners. These types of fans as well as their motors also have to comply fully with the Directive and need to be checked and adjusted accordingly.

For further information, please refer to the journal of the EU Commission of the 30 March 2012.

All REVEN® air cleaners are already available with highly efficient ErP fans (motor & impeller) that comply with the new Directive.

EU Regulation – Fans.pdf