Duct Separator

No chance for fire bugs!

devilYou need a powerful air-cleaning system also in your exhaust ducts to ban fire bugs! Simple fabric filters or electrical collectors are insufficient. Give fire bugs no chance in your exhaust system. To prevent fire hazards, you need flow-optimised X-CYCLONE® separators in your duct modules, combined with electrostatic filter cells, UV lamps or RGN99 granulate cartridges. This is the only way to separate grease and oil to 100 per cent and neutralise odours at the same time. And fire bugs can stay at home.

Quality made in Germany is the dedicated slogan of the company Rentschler REVEN GmbH. The manufacturer of air cleaning systems for the processing industry and the food sector offers future-oriented long-life products and solutions that have been manufactured on state-of-the-art production machinery in accordance with highest industrial standards. On request, customers and potential buyers will be invited to visit the factory at the main site of the company in Sersheim near Stuttgart. At the occasion of a guided tour around the production facilities, they will be able to convince themselves of the high quality level in the production, the efficiency of the patented X-CYCLONE® technology and its energy-saving potential. The tour programme includes demonstrations of air cleaners in operation and their testing on the in-house test stands as well as particle measurements. Visit dates will be coordinated individually. Please write to lai@reven.de.

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