New manufacturing line opened in July 2012

Investment of a million Euros in the German production site of Rentschler REVEN GmbH!


Sersheim, Southern Germany, July 2012 – domestic production is not only an important issue in the United States during the election campaign, also in Germany, the “Made in Germany” label is often a decisive criterion. For many German manufacturers of machinery and equipment, production in Germany is a competitive edge.

It is regrettable, however, that more and more German companies, especially in market niches, handle the “Made in Germany” label rather flexibly. In many cases, they think having a German head office and assembling the final product in Germany or running a warehouse here is sufficient to justify the use of the label “Made in Germany”!

In this connection, the decision of the Higher Regional Court of Stuttgart in the year 1995 should be considered. The decision states clearly “that the specification of “Germany” in the sense of “Made in Germany” is deceptive when numerous decisive parts of a piece of equipment come from abroad!”

Therefore, we cannot understand, how some manufacturers manage to produce filter housings of steel sheet or extractor hoods of stainless steel under the “Made in Germany” label even though they do not run any production facilities in Germany. A statement like  “designed in Germany, manufactured elsewhere” would be more appropriate in many of these cases.

REVEN® products are “Made in Germany” to 100 per cent. The new production line, which has been put into operation in July 2012, provides evidence. The investment into the company site in Sersheim, 30 km in the north of Stuttgart, was immense: one million Euros have been invested in a project that was launched at the end of 2010. It included the acquisition of new punching and laser machine tools as well as the modification of the entire periphery of Rentschler REVEN GmbH.

Buildings were dismantled, the entire stainless steel processing section was extended, the processes and workflows in stainless steel processing have been re-organised and new sheet-metal processing machines have been bought. Since July 2012, this new equipment has gradually been implemented into our series production. In retrospect, the whole process  involved an investment of all in all a million Euros into the German production site of Rentschler REVEN between the end of 2010 and July 2012.

This production site has been our traditional company premises since 1905 and we take pride in the statement: “Made by Rentschler REVEN“ means “Made in Germany“ to one hundred per cent since 1905!