Odour neutralization overnight!

Refresh your rooms overnight with the help of the ULTRA CLEANER UC-OH2!

ucoh_cigarChildren need fresh air as much as healthy food. Air pollution by fungi spores, hazardous fine dust, pollen and allergens also lurks at home.

Fresh and clean air improves working conditions in offices and keeps your employees healthy. The operation of a laser printer in an office room produces particle pollution similar to that of tobacco smoke. Scientists found out that the pollution of the air in an office building (under a smoking ban) during worktime is up to five times higher than that of the outside air next to a very busy road.

Guests in hotels and restaurants feel much better in rooms with clean air. Tobacco smoke, fine dust and kitchen odours can strongly affect indoor air quality.

The ULTRA CLEANER UC-OH2 cleans the indoor air of children’s rooms, hotel rooms, restaurants and even smoking lounges overnight and removes unpleasant odours. Just put up the air cleaner unit in the room in question, run it at full power for twelve hours and enjoy the amazing result: fresh and clean air, even in the cigar lounge, as if the room has never been used before.

Please have also a look at the enclosed documents and the reference letter from BAYER AG in particular. It describes the company’s experience with our air cleaner in its restaurant and hotel.

REVEN UC-OH2 Cigar Edition.pdf

BAYER UCO-H2 Test report.pdf