Movie X-CYCLONE® Technology

How is separation performed with the REVEN X-CYCLONE®?


Based on decades of experience in the domain of mechanical separation in ventilation technology, Rentschler REVEN has developed the mechanical separating system X-CYCLONE® in close cooperation with the industry. Air pollutants and contaminants from oil, emulsions and other fluids are largely separated from the ambient air as aerosols. The system works without any auxiliary energy or materials (such as non-woven or similar material). It is excellently suited for the separation of airborne pollutants.

Air pollutants in the form of aerosols, mist or vapour (saturated) as well as fine dust occur in various particle fractions [µm]. A particle is a defined mass depending on gravity. With air as a transport medium, these particles are conducted into the X-CYCLONE® separator by forced ventilation (fan).


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