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REVEN® conference attracts as many participants as never before – the REVEN® X-CYCLONE® team organised the first conference on the new European HVAC standard DIN EN 16282 and the new EC Directive EnEV20145 for an expert audience in the beginning of May 2015.

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A movie and pictures of the conference are available at and here .

The REVEN® sales and engineering team organized conference reached with 140 people a record attendance and the topics were very interesting for all the conference participants. Therefore the REVEN® will host in the upcoming months a couple more conferences. For anyone interested please contact us under .

Feedback on the last week´s REVEN® conference:

“……a very warm regard and thank-you for the awesome and beautiful conference, Hagen Schäfer Ing.-Dienst-Schäfer 55452 Rümmelsheim“

“……great event – if I would have known that then I would have bring my whole office stuff with me – great event, B. Eng. Eckhard Büche 79238 Ehrenkirchen