The “final destination” of aerosols in centralized exhaust duct lines

Ever thought what happens with your exhaust duct line between the spot were aerosols, fumes, steam and mist are captured and their final destination 
in the main central HVAC exhaust air handling unit? Between the capturing area and the air handling unit we often have very long distances. A very long distance without any filters or separators on the one hand and on the other a very long distance comes all the time with a long flow time of the aerosols, fumes, steam and mist from the capturing spot until reaching the „final destination“ inside the air handling unit. But a long flow times comes together with a temperature reduction of the exhaust air flow and that leads us to condensation of steam and gaseous molecules and these heavy condensed aerosols usually does not make it until the air handling unit!

So too often for too many aerosols the „final destination“ will not be the filter and separator in the air handling unit in the end of the duct line, the final destination will be the ducting before it and that leads to incalculable risks like:

  • too much liquid in the ducting leads to too much weight —> risk of a collapse of the whole exhaust ducting
  • too much liquid in the ducting leads to too much service —> risk of a huge waste of money during operation
  • too much liquid in the ducting leads to high flame risk —> pure neat cutting oil as coolants can become a huge flame risk

Therefore duct air cleaners for pre-separation right at the machining and manufacturing process are absolutely necessary for lots of application also in centralized exhaust duct systems. The European and North American machine tool and automotive industries did huge improvements with installations like that, like for example new VW manufacturing plants (shown in the picture) or GM in new plants in the USA.

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