Huge savings by upgrading old Oil Mist Extraction units


REVEN & SCHAKO UK under the management of sales manager Shaun Fairclough replacing more and more inefficient centrifugal extractors in UK. For example the Rotherham (England) based AES Seal Plc has ordered in the last months and years more than 60 REVEN X-CYCLONE RJ- and C-Series Oil Mist Extraction units to replace their centrifugal extractors.

The Reven oil mist separators conform to the new ErP directives and as such will save AES Seal thousands of pounds annually in electricity alone. The old inefficient centrifugal filters were costing thousands of pounds annually to maintain and were losing airflow due to the media filters becoming contaminated with old coolant, but the Reven C-Series units are virtually maintenance free due to the worldwide patented X-Cyclone technology.

Shaun Fairclough, Reven sales manager at SCHAKO UK says, “We had a 6 month trial period working along side AES Seal logging various data from energy consumption to particle analysis and after this 6 month trial AES Seal were more than happy to order the new Reven C-Series units to be fitted to their Mori Seiki machines.

How the manufacturing plant and ambient air inside AES Seal Plc looks like after the air cleaning upgrade can be seen here: AES_SEAL_Pics