Lecture on industrial air cleaning @ mach 2016 in Birmingham

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Sven Rentschler, REVEN CEO will speak on the MACH 2016 for one hour about industrial air cleaning in the seminar theatre located within the UK Manufacturing Zone.

Sven Rentschler holds lectures on an international level about the complex processes in industrial air cleaning and their scientific background. The series of lectures is intended to give valuable information rather than advertising the company’s products.

The audience will learn about the parameters to be considered in industrial air cleaning, the limits to be observed, the reasons why airborne aerosols are so harmful to health and the technologies useful to analyze, measure and separate these pollutants.

Even scientists and experts have appreciated the informative quality of the lectures and invited Sven Rentschler to German universities and conferences abroad in Chicago, Tokyo and Shanghai.

If you are interested, please visit the air cleaning seminar in Birmingham during the Mach 2016 on Monday the 11th of April at 2PM in the seminar theater located within the UK Manufacturing Zone.

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