The all-in-one device for every purpose X-CYCLONE® MO-1


ews1“Eierlegende Wollmilchsau” is a German expression for an all-in-one device which serves every purpose such as a Swiss army knife. Literally translated, it would be an “egg-laying wool-milk-sow”, “a hypothetical solution, object or person fulfilling unrealistically many different demands; also referring sometimes to a (really existing) object, concept or person like this, for example a multi-tool or exceptionally versatile person (jack of all trades).”* Rentschler REVEN has developed such a miraculous device for air cleaning, however!

The X-CYCLONE® MO-1 is a compact mobile air cleaner with an extraction arm for oil mist, welding and laser machining fumes. The device is fitted with the following filters and separators: stage 1: stainless steel agglomeration module; stage 2: X-CYCLONE® separator; stage 3: long-life HEPA H13 filter, 30 square meters, stainless steel. The separated liquid runs down at the rear side of the device. You can find further information at: X-CYCLONE_MO_1_pictures

* taken from Wikipedia