Electrostatic separator


Food processing and mechanical manufacturing free from emissions

In an urban environment, metal processing factories, restaurants and other food processing companies may have a problem with complaints about odour nuisance and oily and greasy exhaust air. A high-grade oil mist separator on an electrostatic basis can alleviate the situation. Properly dimensioned equipment suitable for integration into the exhaust duct can remove finest aerosols and odorous matter.

The German manufacturer Rentschler REVEN GmbH from the Swabian town of Sersheim developed suitable air cleaning equipment for chip-removing processes in the mechanical sector or spray applications in food industry that use pure oil or greasy liquids under high pressure. Rentschler REVEN’s new RKE separator is manufactured from stainless steel and available in six different sizes for air-flow rates between 1,200 and 10,000 m³/h. In the ionisation field of this separator, finest particles down to a size of 0.5 µm are separated. A service tool signalises automatically the need for maintenance when a particular degree of contamination is attained.

A sample case of application: The company Geiger Fertigungstechnologie based in the Franconian town of Pretzfeld uses six machine tools make Mori Seiki. The cooling lubricant is pure oil which is sprayed and atomised at pressures of up to 70 bars. The cleaning of the exhaust air is handled by six traditional electrostatic separators that are fitted directly on the machine tools and ensure compliance with WELs. They proved, however, to be insufficient because neighbours repeatedly complained about nuisance by emissions. Therefore, the company decided to retrofit the exhaust  manifold duct with a duct separator. They finally selected a REVEN® RKE electrostatic collector dimensioned for an air handling capacity of 6,000 m³/h. This air cleaner removes approximately 20 litres of residue oil from the exhaust air each week and reduces thereby odour nuisance and oil mist emissions decisively.

High cooling lubricant pressures of up to 70 bars and increasingly tight encapsulations produce super proportional concentrations of oil mists in state-of-the-art processing machines. They are often about a hundred times higher (!) than those in ten-years-old machines.  Traditional oil mist separators as those used by Geiger cannot handle these concentrations.

The following illustrations show the processing facilities of the company Geiger Fertigungstechnologie and the RKE electrostatic collector suitable for installation in horizontal exhaust ducts.