X-CYCLONE® separator on oil rig


X-CYCLONE® air cleaner in the oil- and gas industries

In the year 2015, British and Scandinavian oil & gas companies decided to install X-CYCLONE® high-performance separators from REVEN®. All oil rigs in the oil & gas industries produce considerable environmental problems during the drilling process. The drilling mud that comes to the surface during the drilling process is collected in a large basin on the oil rig. Due to the high temperature of the drilling mud and its high crude oil portion, considerable quantities of oil mist rise from the collecting basin. Until recently, the oil mist was extracted by gigantic hoods that span over these basins and simply blown out into environment. The blown out exhaust gas cooled down in the open air, the oil mist condensed and the droplets fell down to the sea surface in the immediate environment of the oil rig. Many oil & gas companies like British Petroleum (BP) decided to equip the exhaust air systems of the drilling equipment on their oil rigs with X-CYCLONE® high-performance separators in order to avoid these negative effects on environment in the future.