REVEN X-CYCLONE Air Cleaner in textile industries


Textile finishing with quality, perfection and X-CYCLONE air cleaner at a Monforts textile finishing machine

In textile industries are companies which are specialized into the improvement of textiles and yarns. They can put special UV coatings on it or special waterproof coatings and similar improvements.

All of that comes with two challenges a) very high temperature together with b) lots of air borne particles and aerosols. The heat makes heat exchanger necessary but so far none of the heat exchanger survived in such an exhaust air flow because of the airborne textile particles and aerosols coming from the textile coatings. A owner of such a company told us, that he had process lines where within one day the heat exchanger were without any function because they were totally blocked! Also simple baffle type separators and filters before the heat exchanger did not worked at all and because of these major problems it was the owner himself who initiated an internal research and development project together with REVEN for that problem by installing X-CYCLONE duct systems.

Last week the last approval took part for that installation and it was for the first time in textile industry that there was a process line for more than one week under operation without any service, or filter change and still fulfilling all the exhaust limits for such processes. For further information please visit these duct air cleaner on our homepage X-CYCLONE duct air cleaner and contact us!