Rentschler Reven’s Opinion and Comments on HKI Press Releases


Rentschler REVEN GmbH gives its opinion on a press releases published by the HKI association The German Industrial Association of House, Heating and Kitchen Technology HKI is an organisation of manufacturers of commercial kitchen equipment.

The HKI Industrial Association has published a press information with the German title “Heiße Luft in der Großküche auf Abwegen?!“ (Hot air flowing astray in commercial kitchens) on 30 January. The publication deals with the handling of hot air and pollutants in kitchen extraction systems. The private limited company Rentschler REVEN GmbH gives the following statement on this press article: Revens-opinion-on-HKI

Induction technology in the cci HVAC magazine – Article in the cci magazine on flow-optimised induction technology: REVEN – Induction cci Magazine.pdf

For further info concerning the new induction technology please also visit: REVEN_induction_page

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