Kitchen ventilation – RSC (Reven Speed ​​Control) saves energy

In order to improve the cost-effectiveness of ventilation in large kitchens, Rentschler REVEN provides the intelligent fan speed control system RSC, whose microprocessor adjusts the speed of the supply- and exhaust fan variable to the cooking activity. Temperature and humidity sensors, adapted to the conditions of commercial large kitchens, recognise the cooking activity; the controller then drives the supply and exhaust air up or down, and at the same time, the required air volumes are moved into various cooking zones via ventilation flaps. This saves energy, prolongs the service life of downstream air cleaners and avoids uncomfortable air draft. A case study: A large commercial kitchen in southern Germany has a ventilation system with an air volume of 20,000m³/h. It causes energy costs for fans, cooling and heating of approximately 60,000 Euros per year. A required RSC ventilation control halves these costs! For more information, visit and