Oil mist separator on machine tool – demand control XSC system saves energy


In order to prevent the production site from being polluted with oil mist, oil mist separators suck the coolant fumes from the working area of ​​the machine tools. Often, the separators run at full capacity, regardless of the current requirements. The consumption of energy and coolants is therefore unnecessarily high.

As an alternative to conventional on / off control, Rentschler Reven now offers the digital power controller XSC (X-Cyclone Speed Control), whose sensor technology measures the machining activity of the machine tool. An intelligent control unit adjusts the suction power continuously via ventilation valves and an optional frequency converter with a micro computer and algorithms. The aerosol separator communicates with the machine. Its power consumption can be halved and thanks to a patented Venturi ventilation and condensation system, the separation efficiency can be increased up to 50%. Furthermore the XSC system extends the maintenance intervals for filter cleaning and also the filter service life.

A pressure and flow sensor also detects the door state of the machine. If the door is opened, the suction power rises and ensures a stable vacuum in the work area of the machine tool. This prevents coolants particles from leaving the machine. The XSC control can be retrofitted with all encapsulated machine tools; Controllers and sensors are installed within a few hours, and thanks to the modern frequency inverter, the operating condition of the oil mist separator can be transferred online to an existing building control system. https://youtu.be/bX2VTGe2xT8