Prohibition on fluorescent lamps

With a “prohibition on sales”, we are particularly concerned with the use of fluorescent lamps in commercial kitchen ventilation. The EN 16282-2 has been fully valid since the beginning of 2017, and this requires that the requirements of lighting in commercial kitchen ventilation comply with EN 12464-1: 2011 under “5.9 Integrated lighting”. This, for example, indicates several times that the lighting must be designed controllable and the requirements also go a lot further than before in the field of illumination.

Like light bulbs, certain fluorescent lamps are also affected by the ban on sales in the EU. The ban is regulated by EC Regulation 245/2009 [20], which is for the implementation of the Ecodesign Directive 2005/32 / EC and comes into force in three stages:

At the first stage from April 2010, minimum values ​​for the light output and color reproduction of T8 and T5 lamps apply; less efficient lamps of these types may no longer be placed on the market. At the same time, manufacturers must publish detailed technical specifications for all lamps.

From the second stage as of April 2012, the values ​​will also apply to all other fluorescent light tubes (eg T10 and T12), which means a true ban on the T12 lamps. At the same time, requirements for the lifetime and the reduction of the luminous flux during operation come into force.

As of April 2017, the third stage calls for all fluorescent lamps to be compatible with ballasts with energy efficiency class A2.

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