X-CYCLONE Mini the world’s first metal aerosol separators manufactured with 3D printing!

X-CYCLONE Mini Separator made with 3D printing.  

REVEN GmbH published the first pictures of their new X-CYCLONE Mini Separator in March 2018. After two years of development, REVEN GmbH can introduce a separator with the following innovations:

1.) The separator will now be produced in plastic as well as in metal, in 3D printing.

2.) The separator could be reduced to the previous system in all three dimensions by 50%, so that the separator currently comes only to a thickness of 22mm.

3.) Thanks to intensive analysis and development by CFD systems, it has been possible to increase the efficiency of the separation in the PM5 aerosol size range by about 20%, with the same pressure loss.

The attached pictures show the first X-CYCLONE mini separators in the dimension 200x200x22mm, produced in 3D printing, in aluminum, stainless steel as well as plastic.