New recirculation ventilation concept for GREEN KEBAB food courts

Cooperation with Goldesel Agentur GmbH and REVEN GmbH – On Tuesday, May 15, we received the request for the short-term development of a first reference booth for a completely new Green Kebab concept, a new food court concept as a sales stall in supermarkets. Under the leadership of Florian Wagner and his team from, the REVEN sales team headed by Vitali Lai and Theo Caffier got down to work. In the design of Florian Wagner, an extremely compact and highly efficient X-CYCLONE kitchen ventilation air purifier system of series EGU was integrated, for technical data see here

The complete concept was available on 8 June as a completely finished stand, including a completely integrated ventilation concept, for the final approval by investors. The concept – see pictures – of the Goldesel agency won the first prize in this final approval and was commissioned for production and delivery!

We congratulate the whole team of the Goldesel agency 👍🏻🥂🍾