Fascination kitchen ventilation and industrial air pollution control – The right technology makes the difference – Visit our workshops for ventilation designers and plant engineers

Whether kitchen hoods, oil mist separators for coolants and lubricants or exhaust air cleaners in the food industry and textile industry: modern air cleaners are much more than metal enclosures with fans and simple metal mesh filters.

With our workshops, we offer a complex lecture program and concentrated know-how on the subject of air pollution control in commercial kitchens and industry for ventilation designers and plant engineers. In addition to the lecture program, the workshop also includes a practical part, in which all participants thoroughly test air cleaners for commercial kitchen ventilation and the industry in operation, as well as analyzing the air quality with modern particle measurement technology.

The workshop will include the following topics:

– The separation of airborne liquid aerosols in the exhaust air of processes in the industry and commercial kitchen ventilation, simplified here shown: https://wp.me/p6rCzj-lD

– Filtering smoke and fumes, as seen here: https://wp.me/p6rCzj-l4

– The controversial discussion of UV-C and ozone technology for cleaning exhaust air, as described here: https://wp.me/p6rCzj-lq

– The digitization of air purifiers in mechanical engineering and commercial kitchen ventilation, such as here https://wp.me/p6rCzj-kk and here https://wp.me/p6rCzj-kY presented.

– Other topics will be new European regulations, regulations, limit values ​​and BIM.

The workshop will be conducted in parallel in two groups, one focusing on industrial air cleaning and one focusing on commercial kitchen ventilation.

The workshop will be held all day in our training room in Sersheim near Stuttgart. Participation is free. The workshop dates are flexibly coordinated with interested parties, depending on the interest. Please register by email stating:

Company name – Your name – Street – City – Postal code – Email – Telephone number

Please email all details to keynote@reven.de and indicate and select as subject:

-> Registration for the workshop group kitchen ventilation


-> Registration for Workshop Group industrial air purification


Impressions of past workshops and conferences can be found here:

https://flic.kr/s/aHsjZLY3gD & https://youtu.be/YtHbM0tOcnM