UV-C Systems for clean and dry kitchen ventilation exhaust ducts = fake news!

There is no doubt, you can use UV-C or better UV light tubes to reduce odors in kitchen exhaust systems. To keep the exhaust duct line and the air handling unit dry and clean UV or UV-C light tubes are not needed.

Kitchen hood with UV light – picture made without kitchen filters

Did you knew that an intensive UV light, used inside commercial ventilated kitchen hoods, that such a light emits a radiation which can be similar harmful like X-rays? Did you ever told that your people working in commercial kitchens under such kitchen hoods? The only thing which are really told about such systems is marketing propaganda like „it can vaporize and crack oil and grease to white ashes and water…“ such fake news and similar nonsense is told people about UV and UV-C systems for commercial kitchens, instead of telling people what such systems really are: A system which emits very intensive radiation, which is intensive enough to transform oxygen to ozone and to harm human cells badly.

To keep an exhaust duct and an air handling unit of a commercial kitchen clean and dry you just need a real aerosol separator. A real separator not a simple baffle type „kitchen filter“. Real separators have a cyclonic airflow which is developed and validated under CFD systems.

Aerosol separator with Cyclonic airflow

Simple baffle type „kitchen filters“ have no cyclonic airflow, are just cheap and simple and their real separation efficiency is just fake news, because these type of kitchen filter don’t have any real efficiency!

Simple baffle type kitchen filter

How a real aerosol separation system is build up, developed and with what equipment the particle separation performance can be measured and validated you can read here: http://www.reven.de/index.php?id=8&L=0

Clean and dry exhaust ducts thanks to patented X-CYCLONE separators