Air cleaner for textile finishing cleans itself

In textile finishing, the Monforts stenter frame * plays an important role

Textile finishing is the coating, lamination, dyeing and printing of fabrics. An important role falls to the stenter. Among other things, it has the task of drying and fixing the treated textiles. The textile web passes through several fields of the clamping frame and is traversed by hot air, which is then blown into the open air. Heat recovery recovers part of the heat energy of the hot air and warms the textile web. This significantly reduces energy consumption. The problem with this: When drying the textile webs and especially during the fixing and condensation process oils and other aerosols are emitted by the textiles in addition to dusts and water vapour. With a textile laundry, the pollution can be reduced, but it is technically not possible to operate a stenter free of emissions. Consequently, cleaning of the exhaust air is urgently required in such machines.

A first cleaning already takes place in the heat recovery. Here, a large part of the pollutants condenses into droplets. Often the exhaust air is further cooled by an air scrubber; The water-soluble pollutant particles are bound to the wash water. However, the scrubbers customary in the textile industry have poor filter performance. With a downstream electrostatic filter, the filter performance can indeed be improved; however, such electrostatic precipitators are very susceptible to interference and cause high operating costs. In the absence of the additional electrostatic filter, the textile refiner Van Clewe in North Rhine-Westphalia has recently started using a special air cleaner for this exhaust air from Rentschler Reven. It is equipped with an X-CYCLON separator and an additional water sprayer. The unwanted particles are washed out to a high degree, then separated from the exhaust air stream by the X-CYCLON separator by centrifuging. The X-CYCLONE separator works purely mechanically and cleans itself practically by itself. Its filter performance almost reaches the efficiency of an electrostatic precipitator. The X-CYCLON separator replaces the originally intended electrostatic precipitator with droplet separator. With the new REVEN X-CYCLON air purifier for waste air, Van Clewe saves on maintenance and energy costs; on top of that the legal limit values ​​for the exhaust air parameters are observed.

For the technical details please open the following PDF: textile_industry_air_cleaner

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* Stenter frames…… are textile machines from manufacturers such as A. Monforts Textilmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG for the heat treatment of wide webs. They take over the drying of finished textiles and give them their final width and quality by clamping and fixing with hot air. The process takes place at high air temperatures (100 to 210 degrees C).