REVEN donates for Ludwigstafel

The LudwigsTafel e.V. is a non-profit and charitable association and offers in the field of food supply, help for the needy, primarily in the Ludwigsburg city, but also in the surrounding area. The project aims to help needy people and financially relieve their everyday lives. In the implementation, various social, diaconal and charitable associations and institutions, as well as individuals, interested groups and promoters cooperate.  

The CEO of the REVEN GmbH, Sven Rentschler himself a personal supporting member of the LudwigsTafel e.V., presented a donation of the REVEN GmbH for the Ludwigstafel in October 2018, combined with the commitment to provide the Ludwigsburger Tafel with a yearly support from now on.

The “RSR graphic” from above shows the “CSR guidelines“ of the REVEN GmbH and their executives. The REVEN executives and project managers follow the mission statement of the Honorable Businessman. Building on the goal of harmonising humanity and economy, the Honorable Businessman develops a sense of responsibility for the things that make his business success:  

– The relationship with his employees. Their satisfaction requires his success. It is important to treat them fairly and humanly, but also to demand discipline and performance.  

– The relationship with his business customers and suppliers, which he also treats according to his principles, with the aim of establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with them. Personal ties strengthen the company. He is also fair to his competitors. 

– His awareness does not end at the factory gate. The Honorable Businessman knows that the society in which he leads his company, is crucial for the company’s success. Here his employees have received their basic education. The publicly financed infrastructure enables the transport of goods and the political system secures the property rights. The relationship with the community in which the company is located, strengthens him, because he owes her to his qualified staff. The company’s reputation in the community also affects the motivation of its employees within the company.