Pure competence in air. – Seminars by REVEN

The lunch break is over, and the attendees return to the seminar room at the premises of Rentschler REVEN GmbH in the German town of Sersheim. On that day, the managing director and graduated engineer Sven Rentschler imparts concentrated knowledge about air purification to the ventilation system designers and plant engineers. Currently everybody talks about air quality control. Rentschler REVEN have realized a long time ago that this topic is not only important for the air quality in cities but also for the health and safety at industrial workplaces. Under the slogan “Pure competence in air” Rentschler REVEN have researched for more than 100 years in the field of air cleaning and have developed innovative products for the mechanical, catering, food processing and textile sectors. In addition, they have imparted their knowledge to the relevant branches of industry in seminars and workshops. Whether at the occasion of a conference in Munich, Hannover or Berlin or in the seminar rooms at the company’s site in Sersheim, the attendees from the industry and the economy sector learn in the lectures of Rentschler REVEN GmbH what air cleaning really means and in how many different processes it plays an important role. This is demonstrated with sophisticated technology and on numerous exhibits.

It all began in 1905 when Gustav Rentschler, the great grandfather of the company’s CEO, founded the Gustav Rentschler Flaschnerei und Apparatebau in the German town of Sersheim. Over the time, the company has specialized in air cleaning and gained an international reputation due to its research work, the development of various technologies and the filing of numerous patent applications. In the past twenty years, the company has enhanced its portfolio and has specialized in the manufacture of air cleaners for industrial applications in addition to products for commercial kitchen ventilation.

In his seminar, Sven Rentschler not only gives the engineers and designers an understanding of the different requirements and regulations of the EU and explains how to comply with them in practice, but also makes clear how important air cleaning at workplaces really is, for the company as well as for its employees.

Ill.: In his seminars, Sven Rentschler imparts all the things that are important to know about air cleaning.

In industrial manufacturing processes as well as in the food processing industry and in commercial kitchens, smallest air-borne particles, often referred to as fine dust, are emitted. The air cleaners produced by Rentschler REVEN manage to filter these particles out of the air. This keeps workplaces healthy and clean and protects the environment. “The small particles, invisible to the human eye, can harm the respiratory system and increase the risk of developing cancer, they can also damage sensitive systems and machinery,” explains Sven Rentschler.

The fields of application are widespread. The renowned Swiss manufacturer of exclusive design watches IWC Schaffhausen, for instance, installed over forty REVEN X-CYCLONE air cleaners in its factory at the  beginning of the year.

Ill.: X-CYCLONE air cleaners at IWC at Schaffhausen

These special air cleaners filter all the small particles out of the exhaust air that are emitted during milling, grinding and polishing of the small plates, screws and gears in the clockworks or of the watch glasses. In the Spanish town of Bilbao, air cleaners of the X-CYCLONE C series from Rentschler REVEN run at ITP Aerospace, a company that builds engines for aircrafts such as the Airbus 380. The high-performance oil mist separators extract the air directly from the processing machines and filter in multiple filter stages the smallest particles to keep the workshop free from oil mist and emulsion mist.

Even in the renowned Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, where researchers in cooperation with engineers construct scientific instruments to explore the universe and to investigate material from the outer space, X-CYCLONE air cleaners provide for pure air. Sven Rentschler succeeded in demonstrating the importance of pure air for a good working climate at the workplace, for the health of the employees and of course for the environment and he also pointed out how to achieve this goal.