Cultural Disruption in a Ventilation Startup from 1905

REVEN® GmbH has its origins in a startup founded almost 115 years ago! In 1905, the great-grandfather of today’s CEO, Gustav Rentschler founded his startup for ventilation systems in a garage near Stuttgart. 

At that time, there were no garages in Silicon Valley, Palo Alto! This development began only during the Second World War, for example in 1939 with the startup Hewlett-Packard. 

The art of 115-year-old companies is to keep a startup culture alive. For this, it is far from enough to dress casually and hold conferences in sneakers and shirts without ties, this requires much more, it needs a Cultural Disruption. Too often, medium-sized companies to large corporations are characterized by a patriarchal corporate culture and this freezes the free spirit and creativity. Our company has managed to disrupt such a patriarchal corporate culture, and today we can proudly look back on nearly 115 years of history, recent developments such as our X-CYCLONE® technology, and a corporate culture of US American startup!  

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