Digital transformation also in the ventilation industry?

A REVEN workshop highlights the possibilities and importance of digitisation in the industrial ventilation industry. The goal of the REVEN Workshop is to initiate a regular exchange between different industries and disciplines. From the developer, the designer, the planner and plant & machine builder to the operator, an exchange take place in interesting workshops. The aim is to discuss and develop business models and possibilities of digitisation in the areas of commercial kitchen ventilation and industrial air pollution control. Registration for the German spoken workshop can be found here:

The importance of digital transformation in the ventilation and construction industry is also confirmed by Olaf Demuth, former board member of the Züblin construction company: *

“A group like ours is, of course, organised according to divisions and responsibilities, it consists of units that communicate little with each other. The different units have no incentive to coordinate with each other. Most of them are even sitting in different places. We just can not get trends on time. Certainly not trends from digitisation. Take a look at our work process: Developers of buildings do not plan the buildings – they only develop them. Planners only plan, but do not build the buildings. The people who build do not operate the houses. And what are the operators doing? They only rent the buildings, but they do not use them themselves. As an industry, we fear that we will be vulnerable to attacks by new companies that approach that task in a completely different way.”

*Source Christoph Keese: Silicon Germany: How to Create the Digital Transformation. Albrecht Knaus Verlag, 2016, pages 58-59