Air pollution in or at the German Federal Chancellery?

Interestingly, a discussion about air pollution and its limits is now flaring up again in Germany. Once again, it is all about limits in the outer area of cities. Is this renewed discussion about the sometimes considerable differences between indoor and outdoor limits? Probably not – However, it should be noted that in many production plants, the air is not as low burdened as low as in and at the German Federal Chancellery, seen in the following picture.

Incomprehensible that one does not even factually and scientifically questions to the bottom of, for example:

When is air healthy and when is air unhealthy?

Basically, there are very simple answers, the confusion and the complicated answers to this rather simple question often comes from lobbyists who often do not think of ordinary workers and citizens, but of their lobby associations trying to protect them! For a worker in a mechanical engineering company, for an employee in an office or for a chef in his commercial kitchen, the air is healthy and harmless if it shows similarly low pollutant loads as healthy air in, for example, a tourist area in the Black Forest or as at the Federal Chancellery – see picture above! Or in other words, if air in a city, such as currently in Stuttgart, for example, classified as unhealthy and particulate matter alarm is triggered, then the same pollution in a commercial kitchens or in a mechanical engineering production can’t be considered acceptable for health and harmless, or?  

Yes, one should think, then compare this times the health-hazardous limits of pollution levels of large cities and of interiors in which is produced, these limits differ in some cases by a factor of 200! That’s not possible? Unfortunately, people often do not like to believe us on these facts when we inform them about this in connection with our consultations on air pollution control! Read more about this in our current documentation on limit values for respiratory air on pages 38 to 39: