600 years of kitchen ventilation

600 years of kitchen ventilation is not possible? Yes it is! Ok not quite, but what has implemented the kitchen ventilation team of REVEN GmbH in the historic old town of Markgröningen in South Germany, is quite remarkable. Among other things, the town house “Herrenküferei” has been completely restored in this historic old town. The Herrenküferei was built in 1414 and with this building began the design of the historic market place in Markgröningen in its present form.

The historic old town and the Herrenküferei of Markgröningen
The Herrenküferei build in 1414

As charming this 600-year-old building is, just as few real 90 degree angles this historic and protected building have. This and much more, was a huge challenge for the kitchen ventilation team of the REVEN GmbH, which was instructed with the task of installing a kitchen ventilation in this historic building fabric. The challenge became even greater when the client requested that the REVEN team not only install a conventional kitchen ventilation exhaust system, but was asked to install a modern, advanced induction system, which has considerable advantages in terms of capturing kitchen exhausts as well as air pollution control and separation compared to conventional systems – compare here: https://youtu.be/KxlcYlJBmFM

Also this challenge could be mastered and in the over 600 years old building a top modern kitchen ventilation could be installed, which also withstood the biggest onslaught and fulfilled its task top, as can be seen in the following video and pictures. The pictures and the video shows the kitchen party of the Herrenküferei from February 2019, where within an extremely short time an exclusive 5-course menu was prepared for 130 guests!

Video of the Herrenküferei kitchen ventilation installed in a building from 1414

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