New kitchen ventilation in a family business in the Taunus

“Remember always that the recollection of quality remains long after the price is forgotten.” This quote from Harry Gordon Selfridge, an American merchant, also made Surjan Singh and his two suns their maxim at their new restaurant building project in Kelkheim in the Taunus close to Frankfurt.

REVEN Kitchen Ventilation
The new restaurant and its kitchen

This maxim and attitude of Surjan Singh and his suns is all the more remarkable when you get to know his personal CV! Surjan Singh comes from India and from very poverty-stricken circumstances. In 1975 he emigrated to Germany, without a roof over his head and with the sole possession of two shirts, two trousers and a blanket. Today, Surjan Singh and his family, are respected citizens in Kelkheim and proud owners of the new top restaurant with a modern REVEN induction kitchen ventilation and REVEN PROTECT fire protection system.

The technical consultation and conception of this project was carried out by the REVEN representative for Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate, the office Reul Holger Reul, owner of iv-reul, about the project and the Singh family:

“A great family with whom it was really fun to plan and execute the project! Although competitors offered cheaper alternatives, they trusted our advice and deliberately opted for the much more efficient but also higher-priced REVEN products and consciously opposed conventional 0815 kitchen exhaust systems, with hardly any real ventilation efficiency!”

More about the impressive life story of Surjan Singh and his impressive new restaurant, you can see in a German TV report “Came to stay: Surjan Singh” at the hessenschau:

source: hessenschau vom 17.04.19

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