REVEN upgrade for the SCHAKO Klimastadl

The SCHAKO Klimastadl of Uwe Diez GmbH in Altdorf-Eismannsberg ( ensures “Pure competence in air.” in Bavaria. The SCHAKO Kilmastadl is a unique opportunity in Bavaria to experience first hand the brands and products of the entire SCHAKO Group. In order to convey this ventilation experience even more impressively to all visitors to the SCHAKO Klimastadl, last week the SCHAKO Klimastadl was expanded to include a fully functional REVEN ventilation ceiling with the new enhanced efficiency induction system.

The installation of this new ventilation ceiling was managed by Andreas Pfeiffer. However, Andreas Pfeiffer is not the REVEN installation or service manager, but Mr. Pfeiffer is the future planner and customer sales man for kitchen ventilation systems throughout Baden-Württemberg, his contact details can be found here: 

You will also recognise the skills and knowledge of the REVEN sales staff and that at REVEN the SCHAKO Group slogan “Pure competence in air.” is not just an English-speaking phrase, but lived practice and reality!