Inside REVEN – Interview with CEO Sven Rentschler

Corporate communication does not just mean marketing your own products and doing press work. She can do much more. Namely to persist in more sustainability, honesty, transparency and openness. This is precisely the claim of Sven Rentschler, CEO of REVEN GmbH. In our opinion, this also means opening something up, revealing something about yourself, entering into an even more open exchange and dialogue, not only with prospects and customers, but also with our colleagues.

For this reason, we at REVEN GmbH have decided to launch a project that we have named “Inside REVEN” and in which we will introduce and have the voice of those who make REVEN and who are REVEN: all our administrative staff, workers, mechanics , employees, technicians, project managers and our external partners.

We will do this in the form of short interviews and videos and we will start today with our CEO Sven Rentschler.

Sven, if you may meet a famous personality – whether alive or dead: Who would it be and why?

Maybe Gottlieb Daimler. I find people like him, who together with Wilhelm Maybach invented the first gasoline engine and from that a huge empire created just very very interesting. People like Gottlieb Daimler, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet or Rheinhold WΓΌrth, who created a huge company out of nothing, out of pure pleasure at their work and not out of greed, yes, these are already personalities that impress me very much and of whom I would like someone to meet and spend a day.

Which three things in your life are you most thankful for?

Family, health and the infinite luxury of living and working in a region like Europe. If you come around a lot in the world and have to see and experience other much poorer regions, then you appreciate it all the more.

If you could change one thing in the world: What would that be?

To introduce more openness, honesty and transparency, in politics, in the press and also in our daily work.

Which was the best decision in your career?

In Stuttgart University, during my mechanical engineering studies, I made the decision to leave the traditional machine tool corses and then listened and focused to at this time, the novelties, such as lean management, Kaizen, technology management and then to choose them as my main subjects.

If you were a food, what would it be?

Maybe a cereal with tropical fruits.

What question haven’t you had an answer to lately and have you been able to find it?

On the above question I found no answer for a long time. Yes, German oatmeal with tropical and Asian fruits may fit very well with me, I thought at least πŸ˜‰

How often do you look at your mobile phone every day?

Not so often, only when it rings or beeps and if I set it to silent, even not at all, especially on weekends πŸ™‚

What profession did your parents have in mind for you?

They were very open and made me decide freely.

What will be your next project?

At REVEN we definitely have digitization and that in all areas. That internally in our administration and production right up to our products. Digitalization does not stop at a smaller medium-sized company like us, and we also have to develop and improve ourselves day by day.

Privately, my next project is a hanging off cornering workout with my BMW r nineT Racer motorcycle. Not to start in my old days with amateur racing, but to become a better and safer motorcyclist.

What was the nicest compliment anyone ever gave you?

When we had a ventilation project around 15 years ago in Bavaria and we built a decent buck at REVEN and simply had to take the responsibility for a big error in our production, I shared that with our customer exactly the same, one on one and without any whitewashing. When I communicated this so openly and honestly to our customer, I got from my former distribution partner a really very negative feedback and was reprimanded by this that you could not communicate so open and honest and why I did not use a white lie there. The feedback from our customer at that time, but then was exactly the opposite: He was very grateful for our openness and honesty and praised us very much, despite our mistake and gave us a second chance, which we then used!

What could you possibly do without in your life?

Great sayings that are not followed by deeds.

And what could you not do without in your life?

Sport in my free time and to balance.

What used to be your favourite subject?

Sports and later in University the lectures on technology management and the Japanese management concepts.

If your life was filmed: Which actor (or actress) would play you?

I would like to leave that decision to Quentin Tarantino. But it would be important that he does the film, because his movies are really cool πŸ˜‰

If you could choose a country: Which one would you like to live in?

In one of the former British colonies somewhere in Far East Asia.

What would you get up for in the middle of the night?

The washroom, currently happens quite regularly πŸ™‚

Which decision in your life would you want to undo afterwards?

In the past, I was too over-tempered in my job as a manager, and I was too often not a good role model, if I could, I’d like to reverse that.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The variety and versatility that is often in demand, similar to my studies of industrial engineering: something of everything….

If you had three wishes free: What would they be?

That our company REVEN GmbH continues to develop so positively and sustainably. That we all stay healthy in our REVEN team and that our designer Felix, who had a very bad traffic accident, that he will completely recover.

What should never be missing in your holiday suitcase?

The running shoes

What are your hobbies and do you have a nice snapshot of one of your hobbies?

I like to ride motorbikes and run and that and much more I like to stick in WordPress blogs. Anyone who wants can visit me privately on one of these blogs here I also have a good snapshot of a motorcycle training at the Hockenheimring. At that moment, when the photographer pushed the button of his camera, I was probably in the flow. No thoughts of anything, just in here and now with my BMW on a fast lap.

Finally, one more question: What is your favorite song, if you also take into account the message of the song?

This way of Xavier Naidoo. “This road will not be any easier, it will be rocky and difficult. You will not agree with many, but this life offers so much more.” In my job, unfortunately, I observe very often, in people who were already able to celebrate smaller and bigger successes in their career, that they all with new projects just forgetting or perhaps no longer wanting to accept how rocky and not easy the new project is, how challenging the new way to go is. So maybe a good idea to hear at future Kickoff Meetings Xavier Naidoo πŸ˜‰