Authorised REVEN Brazil distributor ERIMATECH released its new air cleaner homepage

Erimatech Equipamentos Industriais, started its activities as an industrial air cleaner representation and consulting office on the 2nd of March 2010. Right from its start Erimatech was acting in the commercial area, seeking the latest technology for its clients. This was why Erimatech already in 2010 came across the REVEN air cleaner products. At this times REVEN was represented in Brazil by a huge industrial distributor which had lots of different activities. Erimatech realised quick the potential of the REVEN air cleaner products for Brazil and started to focus on that very potential and interesting niche of industrial air cleaner. 

Even the REVEN air cleaner products needed to be imported in Brazil and therefore were until today heavily taxed, Erimatech and Reven had so far some remarkable sales success and today already more than 200 REVEN air cleaner are in operation at different companies in Brazil. Now with the brand new trade agreement between the European Union and the Mercosur* states (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) the business between Reven Germany and Erimatech Brazil will get another boost! For that further activities are already planed, like product trainings and common trade show and customers visits. 

Therefore Erimatech & Reven also prepared and published a brand new air cleaner homepage and further social media activities for the Brazil market. You can visit that under the following link: 

We wish the whole Erimatech team in Brazil good luck and we congratulate for the new impressive online appearance! 

*The Spanish meaning for the abbreviation Mercosur is Mercado Común del Sur which stands for “Southern Common Market” stands.