RSC kitchen ventilation control in one of the most modern skyscrapers in Europe

The REVEN GmbH was awarded the contract for the kitchen ventilation in a 140 meter high skyscraber, which is currently being developed within the planning area “Culture Campus Frankfurt” between Bockenheim and Westend. The skyscraper will be a mixed use with 41 floors above ground, of which 15 floors are used for a modern hotel with 291 rooms.

The detailed project description of cma cyrus | moser | architekten:

Homepage and project description of cma cyrus | moser | architekten
Homepage and project description of cma cyrus | moser | architekten

As part of the hotel, REVEN GmbH will install a state-of-the-art kitchen ventilation system, including an RSC control system. Based on the SCHNEIDER laboratory ventilation and control systems, the control system was further developed and adapted in the SCHAKO Group for use in commercial kitchens. This system not only controls a fan, like conventional kitchen ventilation controls. The REVEN RSC control systems is an intelligent system consisting of humidity and temperature sensors, differential pressure data, stainless steel exhaust flaps and supply air measuring sensors. With all that sensor data and components the the exhaust air output can be shifted in different zones within seconds.

More detailed information on the RSC kitchen ventilation control can be found in our explainer video on YouTube: and in our planner manual at: