Are UVC and ozone systems in commercial kitchen ventilation just as dangerous as the weed killer glyphosate?

Glyphosate, like ozone, is suspected to be carcinogenic.

Glyphosate is a chemical compound and the major biological component used in weed killers worldwide. Ozone is a molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms and is used as a gas in, for example, water treatment and commercial kitchen ventilation.

Both substances are suspected to be carcinogenic. Most Monsanto® herbicides Roundup® contain the substance glyphosate. In the course of the acquisition of Monsanto® by BAYER® glyphosate received an inglorious reputation, even by complaints in the US, by users who are seriously ill.

In commercial kitchen ventilation ozone is used for the

1.) elimination of odor pollution and for the

2.) Reduction of oil aerosols in the exhaust air.

It should be noted that there is no scientific study to date for point 2 in the list above that demonstrates the effectiveness of reducing oil and grease in commercial kitchen ventilation! Rather the opposite is the scientific reality until now:

For example, there is a very detailed scientific paper with the title “Analyzing the Effects of UVC and Ozone on Cooking Emissions”. This comes among other things to the following results:

“That the effects of ozone may create new types of molecules, but that they are more likely to be attributed to shorter chain oils and fats, and that they can not even detect complete oxidation to carbon dioxide and water.” Another interesting finding of this US study is, that it found that even if more than enough ozone is available in an exhaust duct, at best 35% of it reacts with a chemical oxidation of the oils and fats aerosols and all the rest can get into the environment and thus additional pollutes the air!”

This result and the whole original study can be read here:

What is undisputed, however, is that the ozone gas is a very reactive gas, which can definitely have an impact on the reduction of odor in commercial kitchen exhaust air. However, for these positive effects to occur, a large number of points must be taken into account.

This is very similar to the weed killer glyphosate! In all possible dangers caused by the weed killer glyphosate, this can also have positive effects on agriculture! That’s why glyphosate has been used now for decades around the world. However, what has often been neglected on the most criminal level is to sensitize the user to the correct use and possible dangers!

The down play of UV and ozone in commercial kitchen ventilation
The down play of UV and ozone in commercial kitchen ventilation

Exactly just as in the branch of commercial kitchen exhaust air the risks and the risk of ozone are downplayed and hardly addressed, also the possible dangers of the weed killer glyphosate were downplayed.

For this reason, when using ozone in commercial kitchen exhaust air, we also try to point out the potential risks on a regular basis, as in the commercial kitchen ventilation sector these risks are often downplayed or even not addressed at all. Also in our company we use such UV systems, with the aim to reduce odor pollution. At the same time, however, we put a great deal of effort into sensitizing to the UV, UVC and ozone technologies and educating the user and not fooling him with false security by not addressing and concealing risks!

Furthermore, in this context we also try to derive experiences, effects, effectiveness and modes of operation from scientific investigations, such as those mentioned above, and not to derive them from less professional individual personal observations and partial knowledge, unfortunately, this is still done too often in the field of UV, UVC and ozone technologies.