REVEN SNS* Meeting in the Black Forest

REVEN kitchen ventilation sales creates new specification texts according to SNS* Standard 4.0

The sales team of the REVEN kitchen ventilation product group met this week in the Black Forest for a working meeting. In the Black Forest, the complete REVEN kitchen ventilation specification texts have been revised. From quarter 1-2020 the complete REVEN texts for kitchen ventilation specifications will be available in the latest version on the myReven web portal. Not just as a download, but as an intelligent self-configuring LV module according to SNS 4.0 standard! What exactly is that? Contact our kitchen ventilation specialists for advice and experience with us the new SNS 4.0 LV Dimension 😉

*SNS: This Swabian shortcut stands for “schaffe, net schwätze” which means in English that you should rather work than talk! 😉 

Our team is looking forward to your contact: