Turn old into new: REVEN kitchen ventilation in the Main Forum Frankfurt

“If you intend to renew yourself, do it every day.” Confucius

Admittedly, the Main Forum in Frankfurt does not need a new kitchen ventilation every day 😉 But after several decades, an old REVEN kitchen ventilation was replaced by a new one in the Frankfurt Main Forum.

The construction of the Main Forum started in May 2001 and after a construction period of almost three years it was completed. The high-rise was designed according to energy-saving principles. For example, instead of fully air-conditioning with chillers, it has a tube system below the building that stores Main river water in pipes in the cold season, which is then used for cooling in the summer months. In order to save energy even in winter, the facades are designed differently depending on the cardinal points.

The kitchen ventilation of the Main Forum has been upgraded with a modern REVEN ventilation ceiling so that the kitchen ventilation also meets this energy-saving approach of the building. The concept of the new kitchen ventilation with an induction system was developed and implemented by REVEN sales partner Holger Reul, responsible for REVEN projects in Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate. You can watch an explainer film of the new, further developed induction system for kitchen ventilation here on our REVEN Youtube channel:

The following pictures show the Frankfurt Main Forum and the modernized REVEN kitchen ventilation ceiling: