How Pinocchio fools kitchen designers…

A warning campaign against Pinocchio’s tricks!

There is some reason why new European EN 16282 standards demand that a kitchen ventilation have to separate liquid airborne oil and grease particles from the exhaust air! A typical conventional kitchen ventilation is a low tech product, a simple manufactured stainless steel „box“.

Of course any of these products are claiming to have 100% capture and separation efficiency! But do the really have?

The main function for a commercial kitchen hood is to a) capture all fumes, steam and aerosol and then b) these particles have to be separated and should not be transported and spread all of the exhaust ducts! Based to that, the technology level when it comes to separation in commercial kitchen products is generally spoken a nightmare! Ask manufactures which places you a supper cheap quotation, ask them if they are capable to measure the separation performance of their commercial kitchen hood after installation. At least nine out of ten manufactures will answer you that question with a clear NO but well at least they gave you a „cheap“ quotation. Further examples how people are fooled in the commercial kitchen ventilation is shown in the following pdf: