1905 – 2020 115 Years Rentschler REVEN GmbH

115 Years Pure competence in air.

1905 – 2020 Pure competence in air. The history of Rentschler REVEN began as early as 1905 when Gustav Rentschler, the great-grandfather of the present CEO Sven Rentschler, had the company Gustav Rentschler Flaschnerei und Apparatebau registered in the guild roll of the Swabian town of Sersheim. Even during the foundation phase, the company took up the construction of extraction apparatuses and systems for production facilities and workshops. 

REVEN member of the SCHAKO Group has remained loyal to this field of activity ever since, specialising in industrial air cleaning over the decades. The knowledge acquired in the field of air cleaning has grown continuously over the generations since then and is unique today. Numerous internationally protected patents, brand names, design protection rights and technologies bear witness to more than a hundred years of company history and progress. The skills and knowledge acquired during decades of plant construction formed the basis for state-of-the-art products that set new standards.

Since 2016 the Rentschler Reven company is a proud member of the SCHAKO Group.