1905 – 2020 🎊🍾115 years REVEN & Made in Germany

Rentschler Reven GmbH has been producing in Sersheim, 30 kilometres north of Stuttgart in the Ludwigsburg district, since 1905. Since that time, which also started in a garage, Gustav Rentschler, the great-grandfather of today’s CEO Sven Rentschler, has been producing ventilation systems for production plants and halls. Erwin Rentschler, like Peter Rentschler, grandfather and father of Sven Rentschler, remained true to this niche. Not only did they remain true to this niche for four generations, but also to the production site in southern Germany. So that 115 years of Rentschler Reven GmbH also stand for 115 years of Made in Germany. The new shareholder of Rentschler Reven GmbH, the SCHAKO Group, stands for such a philosophy and supports it sustainably, so that nothing stands in the way of another 115 years of Rentschler Reven GmbH and Made in GermanyπŸ˜€πŸŽ‰!