Ventilation systems now also required for food trucks!

In the future, the bratwurst will only be available from food trucks with installed ventilation systems.

Ventilating closed rooms is currently on everyone’s lips. Due to the corona pandemic, it is finally becoming clear to many people that intensively used rooms also need intensive ventilation. For decades it was discussed whether a ventilation system for food trucks is necessary and makes sense. Admittedly, in such food trucks you hopefully do not have to deal with the dangerous corona viruses, but nevertheless, the staff working in the food truck is of course exposed to immense pollution! So that now in a revised version of the German DIN 10500 it is noted under point 4 that a ventilation system belongs to the interior of a food truck, especially in trucks with grill, deep-frying and roasting facilities.

One should think such a ventilation should be something normal because it is also like this: In production where such food trucks are manufactured by welders, for example, the welders are rightly monitored by professional associations and occupational physicians and it is checked whether there is sufficient respiratory protection and protection through a workplace ventilation.

air pollution in a food truck
air pollution in a food truck

The user, on the other hand, has been allowed to work in his food truck for hours in extremely polluted ambient air. Not to mention the neighbours who have their office or apartment in the immediate vicinity of such food trucks and who so far have also come across “the Bratwurst Smell & Enjoyment” without being asked.

The reasoning has been very similar to that in many schools:

“Open the window must be enough and that will help …”

Now at least the food trucks have rethought and the DIN 10500 now requires a ventilation system!