Understanding Kitchen Ventilation: Measuring and controlling airflows.

The Essentials of Kitchen Ventilation – Understanding Kitchen Ventilation

Exact measurements of the performance of extractor hoods and air supply units are essential for the functionality of kitchen ventilation! Find out which equipment is used for this purpose in the new flyer “Understanding kitchen ventilation correctly”: Understanding Kitchen Ventilation

REVEN and the SCHAKO CFD competence center in Spain are investigating the introduction of fresh air into commercial kitchens

In commercially used kitchens, on the surfaces of the cooking equipment, some of which are very large, such as frying pans or fryers, an upward rising thermal air flow with pollutants is formed. To capture and extract this airflow with a high efficiency, kitchen ventilation hoods are installed above the cooking appliances. However, it must be noted that the air stream to be extracted is injected in the same ratio again as fresh supply air in the kitchens room.  

However, this injection of fresh air often causes serious errors in the ventilation design! Firstly, a workplace in commercial kitchens is not comparable to conditions of, for example, open-plan offices or concert hall and secondly, it is of considerable importance that the thermal air flow described above is not disturbed by the introduction of the fresh supply air when it comes from the cooking equipment. Often the horizontal injection of fresh supply air has a negative influence on the rising thermal air flow and this is then blown out together with the pollutants from the kitchen ventilation hood, so that the hood can no longer cleanly suck the pollutants. The primary objective of REVEN fresh supply air products is a completely vertical, low-impulsive and laminar introduction of fresh air from top to bottom, without disturbing the reverse flow of the thermal airflow from the cocking equipment. 

In order to make this possible, REVEN has recently started a research project together with the SCHAKO Group’s CFD competence center at SCHAKO IBERIA S.L.. Many manufacturers in the commercial kitchen ventilation sector are claiming that their products for the supply of fresh air have no negative effect on the capturing and sucking of the thermal air flow. However, to date, hardly any manufacturer has really known and truly analysed that on CFD systems and in fluid flow laboratories. For this reason, REVEN together with the CFD competence center of the SCHAKO Group started these analyses in the first quarter of 2018, see the video from above. More detailed results will follow shortly.

The all-in-one device for every purpose X-CYCLONE® MO-1


ews1“Eierlegende Wollmilchsau” is a German expression for an all-in-one device which serves every purpose such as a Swiss army knife. Literally translated, it would be an “egg-laying wool-milk-sow”, “a hypothetical solution, object or person fulfilling unrealistically many different demands; also referring sometimes to a (really existing) object, concept or person like this, for example a multi-tool or exceptionally versatile person (jack of all trades).”* Rentschler REVEN has developed such a miraculous device for air cleaning, however!

The X-CYCLONE® MO-1 is a compact mobile air cleaner with an extraction arm for oil mist, welding and laser machining fumes. The device is fitted with the following filters and separators: stage 1: stainless steel agglomeration module; stage 2: X-CYCLONE® separator; stage 3: long-life HEPA H13 filter, 30 square meters, stainless steel. The separated liquid runs down at the rear side of the device. You can find further information at: X-CYCLONE_MO_1_pictures

* taken from Wikipedia 

The new advanced induction technology

New homepage & new movie, visit our new homepage and inform yourself about the REVEN® air-induction system!


The brand new homepage of REVEN® Germany focusing on its improved and patented air-induction system goes live today.   You can find  information and a training movie on the air-induction system and the improvement of this technology at www.reven-induktion.de. The training movie is also available for download in the following formats:
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The new REVEN® SH


The ultimate oil mist separator and air cleaner who delivers you the beach feeling direct into your production!

Fresh air, comfortable climate, small, compact and with a sophisticated design like at the beach……… For more information please visit our new Reven Store under http://www.reven-sh.com

The European Union places great value on eco-friendly fans

The ErP Directive requires a high efficiency.


By adopting the Kyoto protocol, the European Union undertakes to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 20 % until 2020. A milestone to achieve this goal is the Directive on Energy-using Products (EuP) adopted in 2005, which was renamed into Directive on Energy-related Products (ErP) in 2009. It is also known as the eco-design Directive.

Many manufacturers of air-cleaning equipment still fail to comply with the requirements of the EU directive on energy-saving ventilation- and fan systems and they are often cheating on the implementation of ErP requirements by changing only the fan motor but not the fan impeller – for more information please read the article on the ErP directive of our supplier ebmpapst:


Source of illustration: ebm papst

REJET® air cleaners for machine tools in Asia

REVEN JAPAN – DYNEX Cooperation orders 55 air cleaners

rejet_asREVEN in Japan – the company DYNEX placed the largest order of air cleaners in this year.  This week, the Japanese REVEN distribution partner DYNEX ordered 55  air cleaners of the REJET-AS series, which is quite popular in Asia. The REJET-AS air cleaners are mainly used for the separation of oil mists and coolants on machining centres and machine tools, such as mills, lathes and grinding machines. For further information, please follow these links

REJET AS Flyer English.pdf

REJET AS Chinese.pdf

REJET AS Flyer Japanese.pdf


The truth about odour-free exhaust air

UV rays neutralise the airflow


Odour-polluted exhaust air from food processing or manufacturing facilities can cause a lot of trouble in urban areas and ultimately lead to the withdrawal of the operating licence. An increasing number of ventilation equipment manufacturers recommends the installation of UV systems for the removal of odorous matter from the airflow. To provide for odour elimination, special UV tubes are fitted downstream of the aerosol separators in collecting hoods and extraction ceilings. The generated ozone ensures the neutralisation of odorous matter transported by grease particles, cooling lubricants or aromatic compounds by oxidation (also called cold combustion).

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New Air Cleaners

Air cleaners for smoke, dust and gas generated in the electrical, photovoltaic, laser and metal industries.

rauchfilterPlease find the detailed product documentation at: www.reven.de

REVEN Industry Smoke Filters.pdf

Reference Images

REVEN® @ flickr

REVEN_flickrReference images – 参考图片 – Les images de référence – imágenes de referencia – 参照画像 – Referencia képek – Ориентир изображения – תמונות התייחסות – viite kuvat – Referensbilder – Referentiebeelden – imaginile de referință: http://tinyurl.com/X-Cyclone-flickr

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Swiss air cleaner

REVEN® X-CYCLONE® air cleaners installed in the workshops of the Matterhorn-Gotthard-Bahn.

swissX-CYCLONE® C-3 air cleaners deliver clean and fresh air in the workshops of the Matterhorn-Gotthard-Bahn in Brig. You can find current photos with a high resolution at www.reven-industry.com

Induction technology in the cci HVAC magazine

Improved air quality in the kitchen thanks to air induction!


Article in the cci magazine on flow-optimised induction technology.

REVEN – Induction cci Magazine.pdf

New REVEN® induction system

New internationally recognised PTC patent


Collector hood and ceiling module equipped with the innovative REVEN® air-induction system.

Further information at: www.reven-induktion.de

Innovation Award 2013

The Ministry of Economy and Finance of Baden-Württemberg awards the Innovation prize 2013 to Rentschler REVEN GmbH in Ludwigsburg Palace for the development of the new X-CYCLONE technology for air cleaning.

awardSince 1985, the Dr.-Rudolf-Eberle prize has been awarded every year to domestic companies in industry, trade and the technology service sector for the development of new products, processes or technology services or the application of modern technologies in their products, production or services. The award officially recognises the outstanding efforts of medium-sized companies to develop and apply new technologies.

Innovation Award Certificate.pdf

Innovation Award Brochure.pdf

German Newspaper Article.pdf


REVEN X-CYCLONE Technology Mac.mp4

REVEN X-CYCLONE Technology Windows.wmv

REVEN X-CYCLONE Technology iPhone.m4v

New REVEN® Technology Movie

Our technologies: X-CYCLONE®, REVEN®, REVEX®, RSC

REVENTechnologyMovieOnly sound technologies that are based on decades of research and development can ensure that an industrial air cleaner is a reliable and sustainable system in the long term.

REVEN X-CYCLONE Technology Mac.mp4

REVEN X-CYCLONE Technology Windows.wmv

REVEN X-CYCLONE Technologie iPhone.m4v

Movie X-CYCLONE® Technology

How is separation performed with the REVEN X-CYCLONE®?


Based on decades of experience in the domain of mechanical separation in ventilation technology, Rentschler REVEN has developed the mechanical separating system X-CYCLONE® in close cooperation with the industry. Air pollutants and contaminants from oil, emulsions and other fluids are largely separated from the ambient air as aerosols. The system works without any auxiliary energy or materials (such as non-woven or similar material). It is excellently suited for the separation of airborne pollutants.
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Press Release

Oil and emulsion mist separation in the micrometre range.

erp_pressEnormous energy-saving potential due to the use of energy-efficient eco-design fans (obligatory since 1st January 2013!)

REVEN – Press Release.pdf

Odour neutralization overnight!

Refresh your rooms overnight with the help of the ULTRA CLEANER UC-OH2!

ucoh_cigarChildren need fresh air as much as healthy food. Air pollution by fungi spores, hazardous fine dust, pollen and allergens also lurks at home.

Fresh and clean air improves working conditions in offices and keeps your employees healthy. The operation of a laser printer in an office room produces particle pollution similar to that of tobacco smoke. Scientists found out that the pollution of the air in an office building (under a smoking ban) during worktime is up to five times higher than that of the outside air next to a very busy road.
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Shirley recommends REVEN® Air Cleaner

Buying the cheapest air cleaner is not always the best idea!

elviraWe won’t leave poor Shirley in the fog! For further information, please have a look at the PDF file available for download!