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Learn here why serious R&D is so important and find out what the Titleist® and Reven® Research Laboratory have in common!

Filters in kitchen hoods, separators for airborne aerosols (e. g. oil mist separators) have a commonality with golf balls! The smoother, the more polished the surface, the worse these work! Golf balls, kitchen filters, oil mist separators with smooth and highly polished surfaces have serious efficiency shortcomings compared to designs with surfaces that have dimples.  

The serious impact of surface texture has been known for many years in the research of aerosol separators as well as golf balls, and modern golf balls as well as separators have surfaces marked by dimples.

The negative effects of highly polished surfaces in aerodynamics are impressively demonstrated by a video on YouTube from the Titleist® laboratory. Aerodynamics’ senior project manager Nick Nardacci is researching the perfect surface for golf balls, much as Rentschler Reven GmbH is researching the perfect surface for its X-CYCLONE® aerosol separator. Why such basic research in the field of aerodynamics is so important, you can see here:

Titleist® YouTube movie

More about the X-CYCLONE® aerosol separators with a “golf ball surface” can be found here: