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X-CYCLONE® EGU Recirculation hood and RKGN duct air cleaner with RGN99 high-performance granulate for the reduction of organic odour pollution

X-CYCLONE® EGU Recirculation hood and RKGN duct air cleaner with RGN99 high-performance granulate for the reduction of organic odour pollution

RGN99 high-performance granulate for the reduction of organic odour pollution, a food-compliant alternative to activated carbon. Odour reduction by oxidation of odour molecules in the exhaust air. Oxidation with potassium permanganate and volcanic rock zeolite. Odours are eliminated by the reaction with potassium permanganate; residual odour particles are trapped in the molecular sieve provided by the volcanic zeolite carrier material.

Due to the combustion of animal fat and vegetable oil during food preparation, quite a number of complex and aggressive organic gas compounds are produced in kitchens. These kitchen odours are transported by the airflow in the form of molecules. The molecules are far too small to remove them with common separators used in kitchen extraction systems. This task requires special processes. In most cases, odours are eliminated by absorption in an oxidation process with active carbon or by using so-called UV systems.

The RGN 99 system implements a completely new approach to odour elimination, an oxidation process involving potassium permanganate and zeolite. The disadvantage of active carbon separators in kitchen exhaust is that they are highly flammable and emit odours in the saturated state. In most cases, these odours are even worse than the kitchen smells themselves. Other systems such as UV systems are often uneconomical and their real efficiency is often not approved. The service life of the RGN 99 separating medium depends on many different factors, such as the quantity of filter granulate used, the type of odour molecules, the number of particles and the air temperature. Due to the oxidation of odour molecules, the potassium permanganate changes colour with time and turns from purple to brown. This change in colour allows you to monitor the state of the separator.

The RGN99 high-performance granulate for the reduction of organic odour pollution is a major breakthrough in oxidation of odour. The RGN 99 material is build up with an unique molecular sieve impregnated with potassium permanganate. A comparison of REVEN RGN 99 high-performance granulate to activated carbon can be found in the following table:

The X-CYCLONE® EGU recirculation hood with with RGN99 high-performance granulate for the reduction of organic odour pollution can be put together directly in our new configurator: 

The technical data for the X-CYCLONE® RKGN duct air cleaners for the reduction of organic odour pollution can be found here: 

You can find a test report for circulating air hoods with RGN99 high-performance granules here: test report RGN 99 hoods

The RGN99 high performance granulate is also used to reduce odour in garbage rooms, copier & printer rooms, offices and hotel rooms. There, the air can be refreshed overnight with a compact ULTRA CLEANER UC-OH² recirculation unit.

In all of these rooms you will find air pollution by fungi spores, hazardous fine dust, pollen and allergens. Airborne allergens, such as pollen, mildew spores, pet hair and dust mites can seriously affect air quality, particularly for people suffering from allergies. Office employees need clean and fresh air. In particular cases, the operation of a laser printer in an office can produce a particle concentration in the room air as high as that caused by smoking. Scientists found out that the pollution of the air in an office building (under a smoking ban) during worktime is up to five times higher than that of the outside air next to a very busy road.

The compact REVEN recirculating ULTRA CLEANER UC-OH² is one of the world’s most efficient air cleaners and can handle such pollution loads in living and working rooms. The technical data you find here:

Now available with a test report from BAYER® Leverkusen Germany: BAYER_UCOH2_Test

The REVEN distributor for Brazil – ERIMATECH – published this week his new homepage

The REVEN distributor for Brazil – ERIMATECH – published this week his new homepage

The REVEN distributor for Brazil ERIMATECH INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT is located between Porto Alegre and São Paulo on the east coast of Brazil. The company was founded by Erivelto Campos and the Erimatech Industrial Equipment distribution company started its activities on the field of representation and consulting in March 2010, always acting in the industrial area, seeking the latest technology for its customers. Always acting in metal mechanics industry with the main goal of introducing now the REVEN products with its unique X-CYCLONE technology all over Brazil. Therefore we are proud to introduce the new ERIMATECH homepage:

REVEN now in the Heinze construction industry network

REVEN on Germany’s leading information platform for construction products, company profiles and architectural objects. The platform provides tailor-made information for architects and planners, such as the tender text manager. As of now, the REVEN tender texts are available in the download formats GAEB XML, GAEB 90, text or PDF. Visit us in the Heinze construction industry network:

UV-C Systems for clean and dry kitchen ventilation exhaust ducts = fake news!

There is no doubt, you can use UV-C or better UV light tubes to reduce odors in kitchen exhaust systems. To keep the exhaust duct line and the air handling unit dry and clean UV or UV-C light tubes are not needed.

Kitchen hood with UV light – picture made without kitchen filters

Did you knew that an intensive UV light, used inside commercial ventilated kitchen hoods, that such a light emits a radiation which can be similar harmful like X-rays? Did you ever told that your people working in commercial kitchens under such kitchen hoods? The only thing which are really told about such systems is marketing propaganda like „it can vaporize and crack oil and grease to white ashes and water…“ such fake news and similar nonsense is told people about UV and UV-C systems for commercial kitchens, instead of telling people what such systems really are: A system which emits very intensive radiation, which is intensive enough to transform oxygen to ozone and to harm human cells badly.

To keep an exhaust duct and an air handling unit of a commercial kitchen clean and dry you just need a real aerosol separator. A real separator not a simple baffle type „kitchen filter“. Real separators have a cyclonic airflow which is developed and validated under CFD systems.

Aerosol separator with Cyclonic airflow

Simple baffle type „kitchen filters“ have no cyclonic airflow, are just cheap and simple and their real separation efficiency is just fake news, because these type of kitchen filter don’t have any real efficiency!

Simple baffle type kitchen filter

How a real aerosol separation system is build up, developed and with what equipment the particle separation performance can be measured and validated you can read here:

Clean and dry exhaust ducts thanks to patented X-CYCLONE separators

Oil mist separators explosion tested

The X-CYCLONE oil mist separators also explosion tested

X-CYCLONE coolants and lubricants aerosol separators from REVEN, for use on tool grinding machines and lathes, are not only tested for flame protection, but have also been tested for their behaviour during machine tool explosions! More under:

REVEN and the SCHAKO CFD competence center in Spain are investigating the introduction of fresh air into commercial kitchens

In commercially used kitchens, on the surfaces of the cooking equipment, some of which are very large, such as frying pans or fryers, an upward rising thermal air flow with pollutants is formed. To capture and extract this airflow with a high efficiency, kitchen ventilation hoods are installed above the cooking appliances. However, it must be noted that the air stream to be extracted is injected in the same ratio again as fresh supply air in the kitchens room.  

However, this injection of fresh air often causes serious errors in the ventilation design! Firstly, a workplace in commercial kitchens is not comparable to conditions of, for example, open-plan offices or concert hall and secondly, it is of considerable importance that the thermal air flow described above is not disturbed by the introduction of the fresh supply air when it comes from the cooking equipment. Often the horizontal injection of fresh supply air has a negative influence on the rising thermal air flow and this is then blown out together with the pollutants from the kitchen ventilation hood, so that the hood can no longer cleanly suck the pollutants. The primary objective of REVEN fresh supply air products is a completely vertical, low-impulsive and laminar introduction of fresh air from top to bottom, without disturbing the reverse flow of the thermal airflow from the cocking equipment. 

In order to make this possible, REVEN has recently started a research project together with the SCHAKO Group’s CFD competence center at SCHAKO IBERIA S.L.. Many manufacturers in the commercial kitchen ventilation sector are claiming that their products for the supply of fresh air have no negative effect on the capturing and sucking of the thermal air flow. However, to date, hardly any manufacturer has really known and truly analysed that on CFD systems and in fluid flow laboratories. For this reason, REVEN together with the CFD competence center of the SCHAKO Group started these analyses in the first quarter of 2018, see the video from above. More detailed results will follow shortly.

REVEN SCHAKO ventilation seminar in Bavaria

REVEN SCHAKO ventilation seminar in Bavaria

A seminar for builders, ventilation designer and plant engineers from Bavaria. As a speaker, Sven Rentschler (CEO of Rentschler Reven) welcomes you. Registration and further information can be found at

If you are interested in our seminars and workshops from other states outside of Bavaria, you can find further information here:


Fascination kitchen ventilation and industrial air pollution control – The right technology makes the difference – Visit our workshops for ventilation designers and plant engineers

Whether kitchen hoods, oil mist separators for coolants and lubricants or exhaust air cleaners in the food industry and textile industry: modern air cleaners are much more than metal enclosures with fans and simple metal mesh filters.

With our workshops, we offer a complex lecture program and concentrated know-how on the subject of air pollution control in commercial kitchens and industry for ventilation designers and plant engineers. In addition to the lecture program, the workshop also includes a practical part, in which all participants thoroughly test air cleaners for commercial kitchen ventilation and the industry in operation, as well as analyzing the air quality with modern particle measurement technology.

The workshop will include the following topics:

– The separation of airborne liquid aerosols in the exhaust air of processes in the industry and commercial kitchen ventilation, simplified here shown:

– Filtering smoke and fumes, as seen here:

– The controversial discussion of UV-C and ozone technology for cleaning exhaust air, as described here:

– The digitization of air purifiers in mechanical engineering and commercial kitchen ventilation, such as here and here presented.

– Other topics will be new European regulations, regulations, limit values ​​and BIM.

The workshop will be conducted in parallel in two groups, one focusing on industrial air cleaning and one focusing on commercial kitchen ventilation.

The workshop will be held all day in our training room in Sersheim near Stuttgart. Participation is free. The workshop dates are flexibly coordinated with interested parties, depending on the interest. Please register by email stating:

Company name – Your name – Street – City – Postal code – Email – Telephone number

Please email all details to and indicate and select as subject:

-> Registration for the workshop group kitchen ventilation


-> Registration for Workshop Group industrial air purification


Impressions of past workshops and conferences can be found here: &

REVEN GmbH is now a member of the German kitchen designer association Verband der Fachplaner Gastronomie – Hotellerie – Gemeinschaftsverpflegung e. V. (VdF)

REVEN GMbH was admitted to the VdF as a “supporting member”. The VdF is the largest association for specialist designer of commercial kitchens in Germany. The VdF unites the experts for the planning and designing of gastronomy, canteen kitchens and provides with its experts tailor-made solutions, where a high-quality outside food supply is required such as in catering, company restaurants, retirement homes, hospitals, schools, canteens, hotels, day-care centers, stadiums, Cruise ships or in air traffic.  

Further information about the VdF can be found here:

Award ceremony for reaching the jury list of the Grand Prix for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Rentschler REVEN GmbH is among the 93 companies nominated for the Grand Prix for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises “Großer Preis des Mittelstandes“. All in all 4,917 enterprises were nominated in the 16 federal states of Germany for the 24th MSE Award in 2018. No other economy award receives such interest and continuous attention in Germany. The Leipzig-based Oskar-Patzelt Foundation has been offering this prize every year since 1994. Among the 4,917 nominated enterprises, Rentschler REVEN GmbH has succeeded in being listed in the so-called jury list, which means that it is among the first 93 enterprises in Baden-Württemberg. On Saturday the 15 September, the winners will be announced by the twelve regional juries in the course of an evening event.

Updated REVEN Online Store

Discover the innovative air cleaner world of REVEN and order air cleaner for the industry and commercial kitchens via the REVEN Online Store:

Orders placed in the new online store will be send until the end of December 2018 with free delivery!

New recirculation ventilation concept for GREEN KEBAB food courts

Cooperation with Goldesel Agentur GmbH and REVEN GmbH – On Tuesday, May 15, we received the request for the short-term development of a first reference booth for a completely new Green Kebab concept, a new food court concept as a sales stall in supermarkets. Under the leadership of Florian Wagner and his team from, the REVEN sales team headed by Vitali Lai and Theo Caffier got down to work. In the design of Florian Wagner, an extremely compact and highly efficient X-CYCLONE kitchen ventilation air purifier system of series EGU was integrated, for technical data see here

The complete concept was available on 8 June as a completely finished stand, including a completely integrated ventilation concept, for the final approval by investors. The concept – see pictures – of the Goldesel agency won the first prize in this final approval and was commissioned for production and delivery!

We congratulate the whole team of the Goldesel agency 👍🏻🥂🍾

UV-C grease filter in kitchen exhaust – the new ozone scandal?

Although scientific studies have clearly come to the conclusion for years that UV-C and ozone technologies are almost completely ineffective when it comes to grease filtration in commercial kitchen exhaust air, the fairy tale of grease reduction in kitchen exhaust air is being disseminated by lots of manufacturers worldwide. The diesel scandal should be warning enough, but it would not be the first time that US institutions have to stop whole industries spreading falsehoods and unfounded half-knowledge. It should not be forgotten in this context that ozone is already classified in low concentrations of less than one milligram per cubic meter of room air, as highly toxic and carcinogenic, for example on Wikipedia.

A scientific US study on this topic can be found via the following link:

Analysis of UV and Ocone in kitchen ventilation

Configurator app for extractor hoods – Become your own designer

Rentschler Reven GmbH developed an configurator app available as online tool for large kitchen ventilation, with which the ventilation designer can configure the desired extractor hood on the screen itself. Just as a car buyer can assemble and visualize his desired model and the equipment on its own computer or tablet.

The user first selects the capture system (for example, wall or center hood) and any special equipment from the Reven program, then he configures the hood according to his own ideas. The views can be zoomed in and out and viewed from all sides. The result is saved in the notepad of the app or as a PDF file.

Upon completion of the configuration, the user at Rentschler REVEN app can download all design data of the 3D view and 2D drawing as BIM files. At the same time he can request a quote. This service is free. Access to the REVEN Configurator is via the web address

New REVEN kitchen ventilation apps

New free REVEN kitchen ventilation apps are available! Calculate the correct air volumes according to the new Europe-wide EN 16282 standard and configure the matching kitchen hoods. Everything is now possible with our new free ventilation apps that you can use without any registration! The new REVEN apps can be found here:

Upgrade of an open large scale ventilated kitchen area ceiling

True to the motto „Just do it!”, open large scale ventilated kitchen area ceilings, in which the ceiling cavity is used as an exhaust duct, can be retrofitted with the very efficient X-CYCLONE technology! Even Professor Smart 🧐likes that! What he thinks and how Professor Smart outlines a modern kitchen ventilation can be seen here: 

Risk of fire in the kitchen due to burning fats and oils

Due to the very high risk of fire in the kitchen due to burning fats and oils, special fire protection solutions and kitchen fire extinguishing systems are required. How such fire extinguishers for kitchens can look like and what has to be considered in detail, is regulated since the beginning of 2018 throughout Europe by the new EN 16282 in Part 7 “Stationary fire extinguishing systems in kitchens”.

An even easier overview of this topic can be obtained with our new explanatory video: 🔥🔥